Excuse to wear a watch … phone

I haven’t worn a watch in years. Having a cell phone pretty much eliminated any need for one (as well, not caring about being on time also helped). However this phone might make me reconsider my position. When hearing about a watch phone combo you’d probably think that it would be a ginormous hunk of tech on your wrist but no so. Take a look at the video. Unless the size perspective is deceiving me it doesn’t look that big. For one, it’s a girl in the video, as well the specs indicate that it’s a 1.4″ screen. Stylus, touchscreen, bluetooth, tri-band, up to 1GB micro SD, and it comes in pink. Seems to be pretty loaded with features but at a $180 CDN price tag and the fact that it’s coming from a place in China makes me a little hesitant to jump on this. Resist the gadget urge!


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