Since when does “fruit” get sick?

A bit of a security kerfuffle has erupted over a recent posting and then removal of anti virus suggestions on the Apple website. Could it be? Apple admitting that their cute little MacBooks and iMacs are susceptible to the same virus and malware issues that affect PC’s? (I’m sure collectively Mac users smugness swept across the universe) You’re right, it was a good idea to remove it, however doubt has already set in. So yes, it was a good idea to be proactive and get Mac users on the security bandwagon but a lot of questions were raised. Why now? Is there some major worm going around targeting Mac OSX? And then why remove the page from the knowledge base the next day? ZOMG Macs CAN get infected.

(panic has already started) Maybe Steve Jobs is in cahoots with McAfee and Symantec in an effort to drum up software sales. Didn’t they just launch a new Mac OSX version last month? Hmm. Could it be that “Macs don’t get viruses” has been a catchy slogan that has been flawed right from the start? It was silly to think any computer was 100% immune. Hopefully this will end some of those annoying Mac/PC commercials.


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