Data Storage and Protection

Millions of hard drives are purchased each year. Storage capabilities are growing at a phenomenal pace as user needs grow. While the cost per gigabyte falls, many companies fail to consider the rising cost of data protection. A 1 terabyte drive may cost a few hundred dollars, however the cost of maintaining the data stored on that drive may go well into the thousands.

Costs may involve automated backup software, redundancy hardware, even off site or online data storage. Not to mention the cost of having your own IT staff available for in house emergency solutions. Suddenly that 1 terabyte hard drive has accumulated additional costs which weren’t initially considered.

It’s easy to have blind faith in technology but the reality is that many hard drives can and will fail. Make sure you are taking the proper measures to protect your essential data. The cost of a hard drive is relatively inexpensive however the data stored on that drive is often priceless. When you buy your next hard drive remember to consider the cost of protecting that data as well.


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