Not all USB flash drives created equal

Over the holidays I’m sure you’ll come across bargains when shopping for electronics. On your way out you might be tempted to pick up that $10 USB flash drive but you might want to take a closer look. Not all USB flash drives perform the same. If you mostly transfer small Microsoft Office files then the cheap flash drive is fine for you, however, if you frequently transfer large files then pick a better drive. If the read/write data transfer rates are not indicated on the packaging do a bit of research by visiting the company’s web site. The product specs should always be available.

By far in my experience Kingston branded USB flash drives have always performed the worst. I’ve found Lexar and SanDisk to be in the middle of the road. Apacer and OCZ were the fastest (although the Apacer only lasted a year). If you’re shopping and think you spot a deal on a USB flash drive maybe you should take a quick peek at this list before you pick up that “bargain”.


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