Review: Plantronics 370 Gaming Headset

plantronics01Product specs: 40mm speaker size, 20Hz – 20kHz response frequency, 100Hz – 8kHz microphone frequency response, 9.5′ cable, 3.5″ gold plated plugs.

Other stuff: in-line volume control and mute for mic, “open ear”, “full ranged stereo”
Price: $20 CDN

topFirst thoughts: these are really nice looking and feeling headset. Plastic packaging is huge and is real waste, plus I hate getting my hands cut/scratched up with the sharp edges.

bandIt has a wired frame that goes over your head and then a second cushion foam band which sits on your head. The foam band is spring loaded to adjust to your head to ensure that the earpiece sits comfortably on your ears. This might become an issue if you have big hair or have a small head. For me the fit was fine.

I found that the earpieces to completely surround my ears giving me the feeling like I was right in the game. Almost like my ears were soundproofed from my surroundings. The size of the earpieces might be an issue for some. The bottom of the earpieces sat right on the side of my jawline. It might cause a real comfort issue for some. I got used to it and it did not interfere with in game chatting. After a 3 hour gaming session my ears were not sweaty, which can happen with some earphones that completely cover your ears.earphone

leftThe microphone swivels down smoothly and firmly stays in place. I found the distance between my mouth and the microphone just right. Not too close, not too far. I didn’t get a chance to hear myself to judge the mic audio quality but others said that it was “ok” and I sounded “fine”.

Also the cable is really long so it’s nice for gamers who do not have a speaker/headset switch adapter and plug directly into their sound card. The in-line volume and mute controls are pretty much mandatory if you plan on using it for gaming. I have the volume turned down pretty low but I get the impression that the headset is capable of producing booming sound. The volume/mute piece has a little clip on the back for easy placement on your shirt. I would have preferred a “clothes pin” style clip.volume

muteWhat I like: earphone/build quality, controls, mic location, price.
What I didn’t like: funky spring loaded headband, the clip, weight.


When buying these keep in mind that they are a good size and may not be the best fit for gamers with small heads or big hair. The earpieces may end up sitting on your jaw line depending on your features. If possible, try them on before buying. This is a very good headset and is recommended. Absolute bargain at $20.


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  3. 3 matt March 20, 2009 at 7:38 pm

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