Now that’s fast

This is a technology that really peaks my interest. Well at least 2 technologies that combine to make something even more interesting. Solid state drives and PCI express architecture combined to produce super high performance enterprise hardware. Is it fast? Try 1.5 Gbytes/s sustained data transfer. Now, that’s damn fast. Slapping SSD technology on to other PC components opens up a whole new area of application for storage. How about a motherboard with built in SSD chips for either backup purposes or OS installations? How about video cards pre-packed with video games installed on the card? Can’t beat that, plus you’ve got the video card optimized for running the game. Sound cards with a built in iTunes library? Or how about smaller capacity SSDs stored right on the PCB of hard drives for data recovery purposes? Sure, it will lead to more expensive drives but you’d always have a copy of your data stored on the SSD. Just remove it from the PCB and put into a reader.

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