Video Games Boost Vision, pew pew pew

Kapow! Take that mofo! Blam! Headshot! First person shooters sharpen vision. ORLY? Results may be interpretted differently according to how you see it (no pun intended). The gamer’s mentality is more focused. Anticipating certain outcomes and being prepared to respond makes a gamer good. It of course also helps to have 20/20 vision but is not always necessary. I’ve seen many “coke-bottled-4-eyes” out game the best. Hand eye coordination helps too. Unless you just enjoy playing Time Crisis. Let’s face it, the best FPS are Halo, Call of Duty, Resistance, Gears of War, and that age old classic Counterstrike.

“The researchers found that the action buffs were 50 percent more efficient at detecting contrast.

But there remained a chicken-or-egg question: had their vision been improved by playing, or did they become action game players because they had better than average contrast sensitivity to start with?”


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