Will Spam be the end of the Internet?

Everyday it’s the same thing. An email box full up of messages, 90% of which is spam. Remember back in the day when you used get excited when you got snail mail? With email … not so much. Would it surprise you that 97% of all email is spam? In fact I have several email accounts for this exact reason, to avoid spam. However it forces me to keep a schedule. Logging in each account to check for spam and delete it. Forget a few days and it inconveniences me to delete everything. Go on vacation and you might as well close that email account because legitimate emails have already been bouncing because your email was full within a day. Despite a few notable arrests and charges, spammers are not deterred. Sadly it’s just a part of daily life when you’re living with the Internet. However, it’s unbelievable that it only takes a handful of bad apples to ruin something so incredibly useful. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe so I can spam you.

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