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Often terms get thrown around the office that aren’t always apparently clear. When it comes to technology it’s hard to always be on top of the ball. However the term “RAID” is definitely one you should get to know. Gizmodo has done a great writeup on the what a RAID is and the various types of set ups. For the most part you only need to be concerned with RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 as these are the most common forms you will run into in the wild. Mirror, span, striped, parity, redundancy, just do a Google search and read up on your tech already.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? How about setting up your own RAID at home? Go to Lifehacker and just do it. Your spouse just might thank you when that crusty old hard drive decides to crap out and the RAID you set up saves the day. OR you can be really lazy and go to the local electronics store and pick up a little NAS box to do the job for you. Man, you really are lazy!


Will Spam be the end of the Internet?

Everyday it’s the same thing. An email box full up of messages, 90% of which is spam. Remember back in the day when you used get excited when you got snail mail? With email … not so much. Would it surprise you that 97% of all email is spam? In fact I have several email accounts for this exact reason, to avoid spam. However it forces me to keep a schedule. Logging in each account to check for spam and delete it. Forget a few days and it inconveniences me to delete everything. Go on vacation and you might as well close that email account because legitimate emails have already been bouncing because your email was full within a day. Despite a few notable arrests and charges, spammers are not deterred. Sadly it’s just a part of daily life when you’re living with the Internet. However, it’s unbelievable that it only takes a handful of bad apples to ruin something so incredibly useful. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe so I can spam you.

Netgear bolsters NAS lineup

The ReadyNAS NVX (NAS and iSCSI support) a storage system for SOHO. Features file sharing, remote access, easy backup and data recovery for users with limited IT knowledge. Windows, UNIX/Linux and Mac operating systems. Perfect for server storage email, SQL, and other databases. Support for Time Machine (Mac), Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), Bonjour software (device auto discovery) attached to the LAN. Multiple PCs backed up to a single destination for quick recovery from data failures. Bi-directional backup using SMB or CIFS, HTTP, FTP, NFS and rsync. Three 2.0 USB ports, RAID 0/1/5, encryption/SSL, quiet sync and smart sync resume, FAT32, Ext2, Ext3, and NTFS.

4 drive bay storage available now for $1,500 for 2 TB of storage capacity. Full 24/7 technical support and a 5 year warranty. Free 30 day online backup service for all ReadyNAS systems ($5.95/month for end users, $19.95/month commercial). Netgear ReadyNAS

It’s all fun and games until they try to terminate you

For now robots are tools and playthings but soon they’ll be learning how to terminate us more creatively. That “baby” robot is just plain creepy. It’s mimicking behavior like a child and reacting to facial expressions. AND it’s even learned to walk around. Great, just great. Now it was fun while it flopped around on a table, now it’s mobile. We’re all in trouble.

How about this robot that does it’s own experiments and learns from them? Sure, for now it’s learning about yeast, tomorrow it’s bio weapons.

“Interesting, carbon life forms don’t like anthrax. Make a note of that R2D2.” Terminator.

Working side-by-side with their human counterparts? More like rounding humans up into slave camps. Since when did Terminator become a reality tv series?

Super Talent 2TB PCI-E SSD

Get ready for a flood of PCI express solid state drives. Super Talent Technology announced RAIDDrive. The technology boasts faster data transfer speeds for flash memory. This further expands their product offering in the SSD industry.

Turbocharged DRAM Cache and fully battery backed to prevent data loss during power outages. Read speeds of 1.2GB/s and write speeds of 1.3GB/s. Let’s just say, it’s just damn fast. Expected to launch in June. Full support for RAID and data protection.

Security News

So Conficker‘s big day rolled around and  a little dust stirred up. April 1st was the date the worm was to update itself by contacting a few websites for further instructions. A few reports have streamed in but little has happened. A few government facilities hit DEFCON3 temporarily as their systems were on the fritz but were quickly put back under control. Other than that, nothing has happened. Security experts continue to worry what the creators have in store for the future.

How about remotely disabling computers for unpaid Internet bills or if your laptop was stolen? Ericsson has developed a module which can perform such a task. Several manufacturers are currently using the modules: LG Electronics Inc., Dell Inc., Toshiba Corp. and Lenovo.It’s unlikely that ISPs would cut you off for missing a payment however the technology does exist and might show up in a computer near you. The real use comes into play when it comes to data protection. Stolen laptops and preventing sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Ever had a laptop stolen and had to resort to your backup? And then have that fail and need data recovery? Yeah, it’s a real pain. Trust me, you don’t want to go through it.

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