Flash Storage: The End Is Near

All good things come to an end … yes, even digital storage capacity. According to a SanDisk executive the countdown is about 5 years when we run out of electrons. Flash storage capacity has doubled 14 times in the last 19 years. However flash storage seems to have a unique problem, one is electrons and the other is age. Eventually the technology used to control the billions of electrons simply breaks down and become less exact. That “1” should have actually been a “0”. Multiply the errors and the data you stored on that little 256GB USB key is suddenly useless.

That’s what R&D is for. Come on crack scientists! Develop a new way to control those feisty electrons or build a better flash storage cell. So is SSD at it’s end or the beginning? Are early adopters regretting their choice in data storage? In my mind flash is still temporary while hard drives are 3 – 5 years, and DVD/CDs are 10 – 15 years. Which reminds me, I should probably start going through those old CDs to see if the data is still good. I guess it’s true, more data, more problems.


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