Want vs Need

Gadgets! Can’t get enough of them. If I had my way, I’d be maxing out my credit card every week. However it is important to distinguish between what you want vs what you need. That “high” of a shiny new gadget quickly wears off after the first week. Before you reach for your credit card do you actually “need” it? Are you going to put the new features/design to good use? Are you buying it because the model number is simply higher than the one you already have? Does you existing gadget still meet your needs?

want: new model/color/design, latest materials, “cool” factor
need: storage capacity, useful features, broken,

Sure we all “want” the latest and greatest but we don’t necessarily NEED it. So, no you should run out and buy that cell phone with a 12 megapixel camera. And no you should buy a new quad core laptop for basic web surfing and email. So you won’t be the coolest kid on the block, big deal. At least you won’t be putting yourself in the poor house.


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