Gadgets: Why do we need em?

Their sole purpose in life? To entertain us. Forget the functionality, the features, technical jargon … it’s all about the games. Thinking of buying a laptop? Make sure you get a good video card. Just in case you want to play games. That crappy Intel GMA 950 isn’t going to cut it, go with an nVidia or AMD graphics card. Ipod? Go with an iPod Touch. Just think of all the games you will be able to download. Plus the bigger screen will make watching videos a whole lot easier. Cell phone? Big screen, gotta have it. Camera? Gotta be more mega pixels.

Despite our rationale, gadgets perform a very small functional purpose. Everything leads to entertainment in the end. So the next time you go shopping for a gadget, just be honest with yourself. You’re not buying it for work, you’re not interested in technical specs, you want it for it’s entertainment value.


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