64 heads better than 1?

Over the years there haven’t been many advances in hard drive technology. Increasing storage densities led to a boom in hard drive capacities. Solid state drives implementing nano flash memory drastically improving speed and performance. Now Dataslide has stepped up with their technology. It’s a hard rectangular drive, not just a regular hard drive. Diamond coated surfaces to eliminate service issues. And instead of a traditional 1 – 4 heads reading data it has 64, one per sector. 64 heads should be better than 1 right? From what I can make out from the pretty pictures it seems like the rectangular platter slides out rather than spinning and the head stack remains stationary while the surface moves beneath it.

It’s certainly and interesting concept. Is write speed faster? Will capacities grow beyond 36GB? Durability? What happens if one of the heads fail? Is there such a thing as a 64 head crash? That would be a disaster. What sort of data recovery issues will this cause? Still many questions to be answered. Perhaps if this technology gets off the ground and into the mainstream market we’ll find out.


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