From SATA to USB

Hard drives typically utilize IDE or SATA connections (or eve SCSI). Connecting them up to your computer usually involves their respective cables. The circuit board on the drive has the necessary interface. Samsung has come out with a 1.8″ hard drive that has a USB interface built on. Goodbye SATA, hello USB. This nifty little devices doesn’t need no stinkin’ enclosure, just throw it in your shirt pocket and away you go. It can even survive a maximum shock incident of up to 1500G. However, water, static charge, or other physical issue and you will be on your own for Samsung data recovery.

My concern is that a good portion of the drive is exposed. What about the heat generated from the unit? What surfaces are safe for it to be placed on? Plus, isn’t USB slower than SATA? Perhaps this is a new trend. Hard drives with their own universal interface surrounded with it’s own protective wrapping. No need for a $40 enclosure or extra cables. But isn’t that what we have USB flash drives for?

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