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Bing goes on the attack

Bing, as in the crazy Chinese gold farmer, not the search engine. Apparently it pays well to be a cotton factory worker AND run your own private server. Competition is stiff over in China with the growing number of underground gaming servers and often leads to dirty tactics. The ringleader, surname Bing, took exception to his competitors tactics and proceed to rent a botnet to retaliate. Only problem was, Bing was a moron, and configured his botnet wrong. It then went on the rampage to not only perform DDOS attacks on his competitor but as well the whole Internet. A total of 4 people were arrested.

Hmm, was it worth the $41,000? Tell it to your next prison buddy.

Goo to save gadgets from the clumsy

Do you drop you gadgets often? Gadgets not durable enough or perhaps you’re just too clumsy. Perhaps you need some orange goo to save the day. It’s already in use by the military to absorb some of the harshest contact. Maybe there is some hope for your next gadget you clumsy bastard.

Before You Take Your Computer In For Service …

It’s a good idea to back up your data. Why? Just read this story from Consumerist. Long story short, the computer place screwed up and now people don’t have their data. The first mistake was not backing up their data. The second mistake was going to THAT computer store. It’s widely known that they’ve failed on multiple occasions. Plenty of blame to go around. I’m curious to know who’s actually doing the recovery service on the store’s behalf, because I’m fairly certain there’s nobody there competent enough to perform data recovery. Hopefully one of the bigger companies will catch wind of the story and offer up some discounted service for the poor couple. Don’t trust the computer place to protect your data, perform regular backups. AND don’t buy the extended warranty! It’s a complete waste of money.

More Handset Choices Please

The Canadian cellphone market sucks. No news here. Not only are you limited in service providers but as well you’re limited in the choice of good handsets. You’d at least expect a decent selection for a country who’s average cellular plan is one of the most expensive in the world. So what are you paying for exactly? Go ahead, checkout the available handsets for Canadian cellphone providers: Telus, Rogers, Bell. Unless you want a Blackberry then you’ve got problems. iPhone? Enjoy your 3 year 500mb data plan at $25 a month. Perhaps you actually like crappy handsets like LG and Samsung?

Ok, so there are some decent phones available but if you take a look at the models that are offered to the ones that are actually produced by the manufacturer you will notice a problem here. We’re about 6 months behind other countries when it comes to the latest and greatest phones. Last year’s phones with outdated features. Why must I resort to buying an unlocked phone from eBay when it should be readily available from an existing service provider. How long did it take for the iPhone to come to Canada? Exactly. While many are already enjoying the Palm Pre, Bell Canada still advertises “coming soon”. For Android lovers, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on the HTC Hero.

Gadgets: Sexy Portable HD by Verbatim

Looking the part is half the battle (the other half is lasers). Nothing short of sexy, Verbatim offers up the Insight, a hot little number dressed in piano black. Comes in 2 flavors: 320gb and 500gb reasonably affordable for those willing to spend $20 for some added style. The little display shows it’s name (volume name I’m guessing) and available free space. A nice feature which does not require it be plugged in.

The good: style, lcd display, includes software, 5 year warranty.
The bad: speed (5400rpm with 8mb cache), price.

Blackberry corporation’s productivity friend

Have you got a company Blackberry? Pretty cool huh? The boss was nice enough to get you one on a company plan. I bet it’s even one of those new curve models. However consider the flip side. Nothing in life is free. Do you now find yourself, checking emails, texting, working more during off hours? It’s no secret the Blackberry has been the key to many corporation’s productivity numbers. Pass out a bunch of phones and suddenly you’ve got employees answering emails during their dinner, participating in conference calls on the other side of the world, handling that 2AM emergency. And all it took was a so-called free phone.

Pass out a gadget that secretly gets your workers to be on call or even simply being accessible puts countless productivity numbers off the books. Heck even with Google Latitude you’ll be able to track where they are and see if they are posting anything nasty about you on Facebook. Employers are trying to blur the line between work and personal time using shiny technology. Don’t be fooled by the jangling keys. Work phone = on call, plain and simple.

Small problem

So you bought yourself a shiny new Intel SSD. It’s super fast and you really like it. Then one day you disabled the drive password and POOF. Your data’s been all corrupted. Whoops! Hehe, Intel forgot to tell you about that small bug in the firmware. You know, the one that corrupts your data? Fear not, Intel has come out with a fix. Just download it and your drive is as good as new. Your data … not so much. Oh well. That will teach you to disable the hard drive password.

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