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What Phone Should You Go With?

Let’s face it, nowadays if you’re in the market for a new cell phone there are 2 options: iPhone or Android phone. No longer is your phone just a phone, it’s an mp3 player, media device, social networking tool, gps, text messenger, contact list, address book, camera and so much more. Reception and display are features that are expected and not luxuries. Applications are going to drive phone sales going forward and not features.

When it comes to free apps Apple’s iTunes store just has Android beat. By sheer numbers and of course a head start didn’t hurt either. When it comes to the app store money talks to developers. Android is still viewed as the open source phone where free apps are just expected by the community. But free stuff never brings out the good talent. In retrospect iPhone users will ultimately end up spending that $1 or $2 a month on that useful application. Why not? It’s only a dollar right?

It’s going to come down to what you’re willing to spend on a monthly basis. If you’re prepared to get an iPhone you’re going to be spending more than the average user. If you’re looking for the cheaper option you’re going to go with the Android phone.

Rogers Wireless cash grab

Rogers announced that it will be removing its $6.95 system access fee (yay!). However in its place they will be charging a new “government fee” of $2.46 (or $3.46 depending on your province) per month and raising all existing plans by $5 … um WTF ROGERS! Pretending to give back with the right hand while stealing with the left hand. Don’t give met that bullshit excuse that your including “free services”. I’m gonna cancel and go to Fido … -er wait, you own that too. FUCK! Well then I will go to … Bell? Telus? Geezus! Canada get some competition in here!

Isn’t it bad enough that Rogers raises my cable bill every year for no reason but to financially rape me? OR how about the constant phone calls and mail they send me offering “cheaper home phone” services (which actually end up being just as expensive as my current service). Oh my gawds, why?! Anyone else getting tired of this monopoly?

LG 150 recalled over safety concerns

Although LG only has a small market share when it comes to cell phones a 129,000 owners are rethinking their trusty phone. LG was forced to recall the LG 150 over radiation concerns. Under lab testing the phone exceeds the safety limit in Canada and the U.S. The Canadian government informed the company back in March 2008 however it was only after a second letter was sent in January 2009 that LG finally acted and issued a recall.

Hmm, 10 months of radiation should be all that harmful … right? Never was a big fan of LG products to begin with. My crappy microwave broke after a few months. My monitor found it’s way into the trash after a year. Although their LCD tvs are quite nice. Who am I kidding? Anyone who’s anyone has the Jesus Phone so no need to worry, go back to your tweeting and facebook.

Enterprise SSDs

Interesting article here.
Short and sweet: 3.5″ SSD drive marketed for enterprise level performance. Lauded for 5 year non-stop usage without performance degradation. 500MB/sec sustained read and 320MB/sec write speeds. 2.5″ version also available. However their numbers still need confirmation from an independent source.

Telus Buys Black’s, Keeps Pace With Bell

Telus has agreed to purchase Black’s Photos stores in a bid to bolster their retail presence. This move follows Bell Canada’s purchase of the Source retail stores from Circuit City. It would appear that the battleground for mobile subscribers will take place in malls across Canada. While Telus already has kiosks in many malls the additional Black’s Camera stores will help with Telus’ exposure.

Rogers Wireless so far has been mum on adding retail locations but perhaps they are putting something together. The iPhone alone puts enough clout behind Rogers to add subscribers and Bell has the Palm Pre and perhaps even the Pixi. Telus has … cute commercials. All I gotta say is Telus better get some cool phones or risk losing market share to Globalive.

iPods with cameras worth buying? Yes.

Despite my distaste for Apple products I still own an iPod Nano first generation mp3 player. Not because it’s the cool thing to do but because it simply does the best job when it comes to playing, sorting, displaying my music files. I’ve played around with the SanDisk music players, Samsung Yepp (or Yapp, whatever), Archos, and yes even the Zune (which BTW is equally annoying with the Windows Media player tie in). ITunes has to be one of the biggest factors why I don’t like updating my music list.

However all ranting aside, the ipod is the best. My 2GB first generation is still chugging along. The second generation model tempted me, the third no so much, the fourth I almost pulled the trigger several times and now here we are. 5 generations of iPod nano’s later and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist buying another one. An iPod with a camera just makes sense. One could argue why not just buy an iPhone and be done with it. 2 words my friend, data plan. I’m not warm to the idea of spending an extra $25 a month for mobile surfing. If only Rogers wireless could only get better phones then I could be a happy owner of an HTC Hero but I digress.

Apple iPod nano generation 5 with a camera + photos + music + fun times = worth the buy. Darn you Steve Jobs! You’ve tempted me yet again with your irresistible trendy gadgets. Let’s hope it doesn’t explode or catch fire.

Iphone users sucking up all the 3G?

An interesting article here points out some very interesting numbers about the iPhone, their users, and the drain on AT&T’s 3G network. Which makes me wonder whether this whole idea of iPhone exclusivity was a detriment to the service provider. On the one hand you’re revenue stream is almost guaranteed for the next few years. On the other hand it’s also a guarantee that your 3G service will be limited, expect service outages. It’s no secret the many disgruntled iPhone users in the U.S. are unhappy with AT&T. But how much of that is to be blamed on the network and how much is to be blamed on the user? Is it unreasonable that the average iPhone user suck up 10 times the 3G bandwidth than the average 3G subscriber?

Perhaps it’s time to lay off the tweets, hmm? You don’t NEED to check your email every 5 minutes. The 3G pipe intended to serve all users has been used up by thirsty iPhone users. The other argument could be made that AT&T was not prepared for the deal it made with Apple and that the pipe should be bigger to begin with. However that takes a whole lot of money invested in infrastructure. Money which AT&T has been slow to recoup from 3G data plans. Plus Apple getting cut as well doesn’t help.

Spreading out the load over several service providers might make a difference but it still does not solve the excessive 3G usage problem. Just save some 3G for me will ya?

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