Canada to finally get the Kindle

Hold the applause (yes, all 5 of you) Amazon has decided to finally allow Canadians the opportunity to get their hands on the Kindle. The highly coveted ebook reader. Ok, so “coveted” is going overboard. However all is not bells and whistles. Canadians will still have to pay the import duty of approximately $30 pushing cost of the device up to $300 after the dust settles. Really?! I’m not sure that little crappy display is even worth $100.

I’ll admit that I’m surprised at the success this ebook reader has enjoyed, especially in the U.S. (since we all know Anericans don’t read, they watch CNN). Logically the unit should do even better here in Canada but somehow I don’t think so. Number 1 the price is a barrier. Perhaps a small time college will jump on the bandwagon and offer up their textbooks via ebook and issue a Kindle with tuition costs but other than than I don’t see many jumping on board.

The other barrier is competition. Canadian shoppers are savvy and many have already adopted the Sony ebook reader at a fraction of the cost (no import duties here). Amazon’s delay to enter the Canadian market has forced interested buyers to look elsewhere and there are no shortage of ebook readers available.

Too late? Perhaps, there those die hard fans who will still buy one but beyond that the projected sales numbers look pretty bleak. Because we all know Canadians don’t read, they watch hockey.


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