Things I Want, but haven’t bought yet

XBox 360 – why? The games, the freaking awesome games. If there ever was a year to abandon my pc it should have been this year. The lineup of epic games for this console is long. Turn it into your networked media center, play HD movies (LOL), DLC, rent movies through the Xbox live network, frag people in MW2. Let’s just hope you don’t get the red ring of death … oops, spoke too soon.

Android Phone – Motorola Droid/Milestone or even the Cliq. HTC Touch Pro, or the Dream. Even a LG Eve. The Google mobile platform is the perfect alternative for those who find the iPhone lacking. Multitasking, open source development, not as many apps as the Apple store (ok fine), no multi-touch (dang it!), but hey, it’s not Apple (yay). Having a physical keyboard is awesome, touchscreen is overrated.

GPS – seriously, I know where I’m going. Not to say that there isn’t a use for a mapping device. They most certainly come in handy from time to time but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the $200 on one this year. But it’s one of those status symbol things, if you don’t have one of those suction cup ring thingies on your windshield, you are a loser. Perhaps Santa will offer me the gift of direction this year, but probably not because I’ve been a jerk the whole year.

Netbook – ok, just to clarify, I do have a 9″ netbook which was clearly an impulse buy but after extended use I have found the keyboard to be lacking. A 10″ netbook has just enough keyboard to make things comfortable. However, rather than spend another $300 for a slightly wider version I need something else. A faster cpu, better graphics card, more hard drive space, something! Let’s hope there’s a 2.0 Ghz Atom processor in the works. Being able to compute anywhere, anytime definitely has it’s advantages. Hmm, so now I’m working ALL the time … how is this good for me again?

Bluetooth headset – even though it’s now the law in Ontario (no talking on cellphones while driving) I haven’t got around to investing in a bluetooth headset. For the amount of time I spend in my car, let alone talking while driving, I can’t justify spending $50 – 100 for a headset. If it’s really important they’ll leave a message or call back. I ain’t pulling over to answer a stupid phone call.

Laptop – with the latest i5 and i7 offerings from Intel the price was right for an upgrade. Again my sensibility got the better of me. While I’m not sold on the i5 or i7 series, going for a top end duo core 2 laptop with a 2.8 Ghz processor would have been a nice addition to my technology collection.

Data storage – MORE! It was the year of the terabyte. Prices were more than affordable but why didn’t I break down and buy a 1 or 2 TB hard drive? Well it turns out I don’t actually have that much data. And what I have nicely fits on to a 500GB hard drive and/or CDs/DVDs (backed up to another 500GB hd of course). Sure I could buy another hard drive but I honestly have more than enough storage as is.

Bluray DVD player – um, no. I don’t see the overwhelming argument here for going from dvd quality to bluray dvd quality. If I did give in to my impulses then that would mean I’d go with a PS3, which goes against my Xbox purchase (do I really need 2 gaming consoles?). Although bluray dvd movies got real cheap, real quick, I don’t think I’d want to invest a bunch of money into building up a bluray collection, while my existing dvd collection gathers dust. Hmm, I guess that wasn’t a smart investment after all.


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