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SSD News

Looks like Seagate is pressing full steam ahead with PCI-e SSD devices for the enterprise market. Teaming up with LSI to produce really fast hard drives. Expect them to be expensive. (link)

Got an old laptop that uses 1.8″ form factor hard drives? Well there’s still some love for you in the SSD market. Active Media Products has a 128GB SSD (SaberTooth ZX) just waiting for you over at Amazon. $380 gets that old laptop up and running really fast again. (link)

Little trouble, Big China?

Google vs China, DING! Google has decided to put their foot down and take a stand against the great firewall of China. After a recent hacker attempt by purportedly Chinese agents Google has decided to stop censoring search results from their search engine. Reportedly tracked hacking attempts targeting the accounts of human rights activists. The “activity” has been on going through out the year and lead many to believe Google has simply had enough of it. Is China ready to blink? This has big implication for other big businesses operating in the country and perhaps is the beginning of the end.

Chinese student get reward. Not for good grades but for reporting porn. A student in China blames several porn sites for his decline in educational aptitude. In order right the wrong he reported some 32 sites and was rewarded by the Chinese government with 10,000 yuan (approx $1,466). Yeah, like it’s the website’s fault you can’t concentrate. Anyways the 5,000 or so people who have been arrested in the recent porn crackdown. Hmm, 5,000 people all jailed together with pent up sexual desires. What could possibly go wrong?!

Domestic students become foreigners to get into local schools. Competition is stiff. I guess when you have a billion students all fighting for a precious few admissions to prestigious universities some are bound to find a way to get around the system. So much so that local students are shilling out $30,000 for foreign passports which are then used to apply to universities. Got it? You see foreign students are admitted with less stringent exam scores. Why not just grease some hands at the university? Well that actually costs MORE money than buying a fake passport. Good old Chinese corruption wins again.

Robot Sexy Time!

Is the regular love doll not doing it for you? Well get ready for Roxxxy (video) the sex robot! Hi-five! Sexy time! And you thought Real Dolls were creepy. Now, I know what you’re wondering, what’s so special, besides the $7,000 price tag. It/she comes with a laptop that is programmed with it’s/her personality. I’m guessing built in microphone and speakers to respond to voice commands. Wow, just wow. Who spends this much time building something like this? But more importantly who’s going to buy this sexbot? Rich bastards no doubt.

Is Tablet Computing For You?

Microsoft CEO unveiled a tablet during his recent keynote. Steve Balmer showed of the HP Slate (hmm I thought had the iSlate name locked up?) calling it a “little pc” and of course running Windows. Bringing a tablet device to market isn’t a brand new concept, just the way it was implemented and marketed. Perhaps it was originally before it’s time. With the surprising success of the Kindle and netbooks perhaps consumers are ready for tablet computing. Ultraportable computers have always been coveted however technology has now offered up low energy cpu’s with slim form factors making usable tablet devices possible. And of course to cut down on space, touchscreen input is a no brainer.

So is tablet computing for you? For those looking for a more powerful ebook reader this might be a purchase worth making. Power users may want to hold off until Intel comes out with a more powerful Atom processor. The $500 price tag may scare consumers away, however slap a little Apple logo on it and suddenly it’s not that expensive.

Canadian Mobile News

With eBay the only source to score a Nexus One Google superphone Canadians were kind of left out of the loop. However there is hope. Wind Mobile supposedly is in talks to bring the phone to Canada. Woot! This would be a significant coup for the fresh wireless company. But keep in mind you have to buy the phone which is currently priced around $500 US, so expect to pay at least as much if you want experience the Google superphone in Canada.

Android 1.5 got ya down? Tired of harassing Rogers and HTC to provide an OS update? Well there is some good news in store for HTC users in Canada. HTC will be providing some updates for the Magic and Dream. The Magic will get the full 2.1 update, while the Dream will get some updates but remain at 1.5. I guess something is better than nothing. The Magic now appears slightly more appealing.

However we’re all waiting on the Sony Xperia X10 aren’t we?

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