Control the pipes, control the world

2010 hopefully will yield fancy new technologies to put me further into dept however the upcoming year may be a year on content control. A couple of countries so far are attempting to modify their population’s behavior by controlling the data they have access to on the Internet.

China has heavily censored information available to their tech savvy republic however recent attempts have been more heavy handed. In a pornography crackdown approximately 5,394 were arrested however the report did not say how many were eventually charged. Perhaps some *ahem favors were performed to get out of jail? Or maybe some “hands were greased”? Sounds like some drum “beating” by the communists. Good luck at trying to control your 360 million Internet users.

Close on the heels of China is … Australia (really?). A controversial Internet filter is set to go ahead despite the many complaints of the masses. So much for free speech. Surprisingly Australia is trying to do the same thing as China within a democracy. Hmm, what do you think the odds of success will be?

The new year may come down to content censorship, depending on where you live. It will surely test the boundaries of morals, free speech, religion, and government. Limits of tolerance will be stretched and re-aligned. We might be seeing the creation of a new Internet: the clean and dirty version. Sign me up for the dirty version please!


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