Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

A common phrase used with regards to worrying about your children but it’s certainly something you should consider in today’s digital environment. With so many dangers lurking with every click the likelihood of your data being accessible by criminals is increasing.

Consider peer to peer (p2p) file sharing programs. It is quite commonplace to find a torrent program installed on many home computers and in the office. Financial institutions, hospitals, social networking sites … Are your eyes open now? Despite your efforts to secure you home computer, unknowingly your data may still be at risk by others who handle your private data.

While it may not concern you that your x-rays are the latest available download perhaps mis-directed private messages are? Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to send that steamy message to your old high school flame … that accidentally went to your mother. Oops. Software glitch on your social networking site.

Not all is lost. In Germany the high courts have reversed their tune and now require calls and emails to be deleted immediately, rather than be kept for 6 months for possible law enforcement uses. Hopefully other countries will follow suit. I’m sure Google is keeping a close eye on the situation … as well as your data.


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