Protect those Passwords

Everyday my inbox is full of spam. Thieves always want to get their hands on my passwords. To the untrained eye some of them look legit. Seemingly trustworthy domains with alarming subject lines “account compromised” log in now to secure you account. The scammer hopes you ignore common sense and click on the link embedded into the body of the email that clearly links to some foreign website that will ultimately compromise your account.

Don’t be dumb. Never click on links in your email. Oh but it’s a survey from your bank? WELL then it must be legit. Or maybe it’s Blizzard emailing you about your warcraft account. Someone has changed your password it claims? Well you’d better log into that Russian website and fix it right away!

If you ever are concerned about an issue. Close you email. Update your anti-virus and run a full scan. Go to the actual website yourself, ensure that the little lock is on the bottom right, and that the URL is accurate, before you start typing in anything. Then you should be able to ensure your account is secure. Don’t be fooled. Protect those passwords.

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