FCC delays decision on net neutrality

The U.S. regulator decided to not decide on Wednesday. Internet traffic policies are still in limbo for the time being. The FCC wants the industry to come up with a better solution to balance consumer issues and network stability. The debate has dragged on for months but have not come to a consensus on net neutrality.

Wireless devices continue to demand more bandwidth raising further calls for a 2 tiered service offering. Talks have failed to produce a compromise that will satisfy both sides. The FCC doesn’t want to lay down the ban hammer just yet. They are seeking further opinions on the matter.

Even Google has gotten into the action. Teaming up with Verizon they made a proposal which showed some sign of progress. Giving service providers some ability to manipulate traffic while leaving the door open for a preferred traffic lane. I have the feeling that money will end up as the deciding factor. (link)

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