Yes, but will it play Crysis?

The fastest consumer cpu you can commonly get your hands on is an i7 3.3Ghz right? Pffttt, that’s nothing compared to what IBM has cooking up. Over at the IBM laboratory they are working a 5.2 Ghz chip, expected to be the currently fastest. The chip is expected to power high end mainframe systems for enterprises. Whatever it will be running, it will do it very quickly. Regular cpus with ONLY 2 levels of cache are sooo last year. Can you handle 4 levels? 19.5 MB of L1 cache, 144MB for L2 private cache, 576MB of eDRAM for L3 cache, and a whopping 768MB of eDRAM for L4 cache. All to ensure the main memory doesn’t get bogged down by running petty commands or instructions. First thing they are probably going to do when they are finished running all of their fancy benchmarks to impress potential buyers? Run Crysis. Extreme Tech


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