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Someone at Samsung must be smiling. The Galaxy S is set to pass 5 million units sold worldwide AND it hasn’t even found its way to Japan yet. Is there any other phone that will derail this train? I guess this Android thing is for real. Now if only they could speed up production on that tablet.

From its days hovering around bankruptcy to snubbing Microsoft. Motorola has gotten all snooty when it comes to shipping a phone with a Windows Mobile OS. While they haven’t said ‘no’ to anything just yet, they are open to the idea of working with Microsoft, so long as the mobile OS is a piece of crap.

Who is this Huawei? Making no name phones and showing up at my cell phone provider’s booths? What are the odds that one of their handsets is actually good? The Huawei Ascend just might be that one phone. Sporting Android 2.1, 3.2 megapixel camera, and other features is a nice cheap introduction to the no name company.


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