Service vs Content

No tv make me go something something. This could not have come at a worse time, NFL football, baseball playoffs, start of the NBA season. This cable dispute is using it’s customers as a human shield.

Looks like a big showdown is about to come to a head. News Corp vs Cablevision pits service providers against the content providers, who will win? Rather than work things out in a board room both sides are taking a hard line approach and this channel ban is the result. Of course it’s all over money. The content providers are going to withhold their product (ie. hold their breath) until the service provider gives in, because their customers constantly call up and yelling at them, and throw more money at the problem to make it go away. Could be a major precedent. Is that the sound of cable bills going up?

While it hasn’t happened yet in Canada the problem could move north. Perhaps this is why Bell made a recent acquisition buying up CTV. I’m sure if a dispute arises in the great white north cooler heads will prevail and no such channel banning will occur, we hope.

So whats more important? The content or the service provider? Either way the customer loses.


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