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License to blog?

What do you do for a living? or even part time? If you live in Philadelphia, don’t say you’re a blogger. The cash strapped city is finding new ways to tax it’s citizens. Introducing the business privilege license that will cost you $300 in Philly. Even if you’ve made $50 expect to receive a letter from the city demanding you pay the fee. I bet you’re regretting including that ad revenue from your blog on your last tax return …

The reality of an hd crash

When your computer crashes it can point to major problems. I’m not talking about a simple problem that’s resolved by a reboot or reinstall. I’m talking about a physical hard drive crash. Heads fully contacting the platter surface, scraping and spreading debris inside your hard drive at 7,200 RPM. While the drive itself is no better than a doorstop or paperweight at this point, it may still be possible to recover your data.

Why you (or me for that matter)? Hard drives will fail over time. The physical wear and tear that occurs on a regular basis every time you turn on your computer, copy a file, or even when your screen saver is running adds up to hard drive wear. Managing your system files in a proper environment can also factor in to whether your drive lasts 5 years or 1. There are several disk utilities that can help you monitor the health of your hard drive but in the end it’s still up to you to back up your important files on an ongoing basis.

The repairs that occur within a clean room environment are delicate and require a certain expertise. It’s not something you can learn in college. Managing data storage will become the next hottest job trend as new data centers open and expand their capabilities. There will be plenty of opportunities if you know anything about maintaining massive amounts of servers and hard drives and being able to do it the most efficiently as possible.

As for the hard drive, whether it’s the platter, the motor, the heads, or the electronics that fail the problem cannot be fixed by the average home user. Even IT professionals aren’t trained to perform these types of repairs. Talk to a data recovery expert and get the facts. The more information you are able to provide the more accurate a quotation can be. Don’t rely on the guy who can’t even explain what a servo is. Get the right data and make an informed decision.

Review Sciphone i9++ (more)

Lots of people are still buying these things long after my original post. I still get tons of comments about this phone. Some good some bad. Hopefully this follow up post will help you in your decision to buy or pass on this iphone clone. Personally I would pass. Technically it works as a basic phone but don’t expect all the bells and whistles. Remember it’s a cheap knockoff from China.

I’ve noticed some new issues when connecting to my computer. Sometimes it detects as a USB drive and other times it will only charge. Kind of hit and miss. Probably a sign the phone is starting to go. Also just a reminder, these phones are not durable. One drop and the screen will probably crack, invest in a $10 silicon case if you’re a clumsy bastard like me.

3G – no. Despite it’s branding it is not 3G capable. Your 3G sim might work but you won’t get 3G service.

Memory – again, despite what the back cover says it cannot accept a 16GB microSD card. The largest card I’ve been able to get mine to accept is a 4GB formatted with two 2GB partitions. I found my phone to be quite picky with what brand of memory it will work with. To access the memory card remove the back cover of the phone. The microSD card should be located on the lower right hand side. It’s fairly difficult to access. You need to pull the metal latch upwards, 2 hooks on each side. If you’re not careful you will probably break a bit of plastic or even bend the latch but the memory should still be held in on it’s own.

OS/Java – it’s not Windows mobile, it’s not an Apple OS variant. I don’t know what it is but Java should already be installed. If you want to install java apps you need to copy the .JAR file to your microSD memory card, then use the java application installer (one of the default phone apps). It’s hit or miss. Not all java apps will work and even if you do manage to get it to run it will be really slow. I’m guessing the clone uses a very old generation cpu.

Vibration – go to phone setup, scroll down, then press pen down vibration. That should turn it off. If you did that and it still doesn’t run off, the you bought yourself a really cheap knockoff.

How to turn off vibration for i9++ i68

SMS/MMS/Internet – this needs to be configured based on your service provider. SMS may work as soon as your plug in your sim but MMS and the Internet definitely won’t. The type of information you need to get is: gateway, username, password, port. Just do a web search for the Internet/MMS settings for your cell network.

Video files – slow or laggy? Audio out of sync? You need to convert the video down to a lower quality. MP4 or 3GP works best with a resolution of 176×144, choose the lowest audio quality you can to optimize performance. Like I said before the cpu is really old and slow.

What’s the difference between the i9++ and i68? The i9++ IMO is of better quality (relatively). The i68 feels solid and heavy like a real iphone but call quality was terrible. Also the i9 came out more recently so I’m going to assume the quality of materials have been slightly upgraded.

Headset – is crap. Don’t bother. Invest in a cheap bluetooth and you will already be ahead.

Bluetooth – not consistent performance. I’d often have sync issues.

(original post)

Which Malware software is best?

Here’s an interesting post from Arstechnica regarding malware software. Go ahead, check out where your anti malware software ranked. Personally I currently use AVAST and have used AVG, and McAfee in the past. The biggest reason for using the aforementioned software would be … free. I stopped using McAfee in part for the large amount of system resources required to run it. I liked it but it just was a memory hog. AVG was next, it too was good in the beginning, then it slowly started to take over bigger portions of my system. Installing stupid toolbars, changing my default search, forcing me to use their built in firewall program, etc. I got sick of it. Which brings me to AVAST. So far so good. As you can see it’s not the top software on the list but at least it’s on the list.

Free AVG Download

Death knell for print media

27 years in the biz and Ziff Davis has decided to cut their losses and stop issuing the print version of PC Magazine. As Internet advertising supplants other forms of media advertising more and more magazines will be forced to take this route. This isn’t to say that print media won’t have a place in the world’s future. However certain forms of print media will have to change to survive.

If your readers can get the same content on your website that you offer in your print edition, what’s stopping them from canceling their subscription. Unless you’re offering unique content, people are gonna take the free version, even if it is watered down. As well hundreds if not thousands of other bloggers or other online content producers are making that same or similar information available. Seems pretty gloomy for the traditional magazine.

That being said, nothing can replace the experience of a magazine, paperback, or hardcover book. Sure the content may be available in electronic format but there’s more to the act of absorbing information. I subscribe to feeds, I’m clicking on CNN, I watch YouTube videos but I still take time to read a newspaper. It’s one of the few times during the day that I unplug and yet still enjoy “content”. I don’t spend as much on magazines as I used to but it certainly won’t be an easy road ahead for them. I think I’ll go to Chapters after work.

New MacBooks enough to get you switch?

Apple’s rolled out a new Macbook lineup sure to get fanboys drooling. Is it enough to get you to switch? Coming from a PC background it’s a step in the right direction. I’m liking the move to the nvidia graphics card and the movement on the price point (still a bit pricey but more attractive). In terms of features, nothing stands out. It’s an updated looking new shell. The touchpad seems to be a little funky buttonless gadget. It will be interesting how that plays out. At first glance the keyboard on the Macbook pro seems small but perhaps that just relative compared to the overall width of the laptop. Honestly it looks like a Toshiba notebook. The Macbook air has gotten some minor changes to appease the user. The 24″ cinema displays look absolutely beautiful. Nothing groundbreaking here but judging by the number of Apple posts you’d be fooled. I think I’ll hold out a bit longer until my 2G iPod dies before I visit the Apple store.

Iran to China: we can censor the Internet better than you

Blogging about the wrong topics in Iran won’t just get you censored; it could get you killed. Iran’s parliament voted last week to discuss a draft bill that would “toughen punishment” for a number of crimes that it believes to be detrimental to society by making them subject to the death penalty. This list already includes crimes like armed robbery, rape, and leaving the religion of Islam (apostasy), but running a blog or website that promotes corruption, prostitution, or apostasy may soon be added.

Citizens found guilty of these crimes “should be punished as mohareb (enemy of God) and ‘corrupt on the earth,'” according to the text of the bill seen by the AFP, which lays out a spectrum of punishments ranging from exile and amputation (the theory apparently being that it’s hard to post without hands) to hanging. The bill also has stipulations that say it cannot be suspended or changed in the future. (link)

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