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The gauntlet has been thrown down

Bye China. Google has left the search business to Baidu. The next step has the gauntlet being thrown down by Google. China felt it could continue to impose its will on the American company but it was wrong. Queue the Chinese state media to begin slandering the company. Looks like the workers at will have to start looking for another job. Maybe this guy was upset about the whole thing.


I guess it’s up to the people to carry the fight from now on. Google has had enough of the bullshit. Makes you wonder just how many other foreign companies are ready to pull out of the country. China’s protectionist economic strategy continues to be a major deterrent for competition. While it’s a major blow to Internet freedoms for the Chinese population it’s a big statement for international companies operating in China. We’ll have to see what happens next.

Signs Point to Yes

Everyone else is getting Google treatment when it comes to Android except China. Hmm. Seems odd that you have one of the biggest consumers markets awaiting your latest product while you’re negotiating … what exactly? Android handsets are quickly growing in popularity and you have a billion thirsty customers. But still no Google events for China. All signs point to yes. Prepare for a future China without Google. A step backwards for China.

In a game of chicken the search engine giant is pulling out all the stops against China. The ‘negotiations’ have not been going well. China has not shown any flexibility and continues the hardline in it’s dealings with Google. A report indicated that preparations for an orderly closing is already on it’s way. Meanwhile China continues to make idle threats about ‘obeying the law’ while it’s own hackers seek to circumvent the entire process. Um good luck with that. Can’t wait to get my hands on the CECT Nexxus One.

Little trouble, Big China?

Google vs China, DING! Google has decided to put their foot down and take a stand against the great firewall of China. After a recent hacker attempt by purportedly Chinese agents Google has decided to stop censoring search results from their search engine. Reportedly tracked hacking attempts targeting the accounts of human rights activists. The “activity” has been on going through out the year and lead many to believe Google has simply had enough of it. Is China ready to blink? This has big implication for other big businesses operating in the country and perhaps is the beginning of the end.

Chinese student get reward. Not for good grades but for reporting porn. A student in China blames several porn sites for his decline in educational aptitude. In order right the wrong he reported some 32 sites and was rewarded by the Chinese government with 10,000 yuan (approx $1,466). Yeah, like it’s the website’s fault you can’t concentrate. Anyways the 5,000 or so people who have been arrested in the recent porn crackdown. Hmm, 5,000 people all jailed together with pent up sexual desires. What could possibly go wrong?!

Domestic students become foreigners to get into local schools. Competition is stiff. I guess when you have a billion students all fighting for a precious few admissions to prestigious universities some are bound to find a way to get around the system. So much so that local students are shilling out $30,000 for foreign passports which are then used to apply to universities. Got it? You see foreign students are admitted with less stringent exam scores. Why not just grease some hands at the university? Well that actually costs MORE money than buying a fake passport. Good old Chinese corruption wins again.

Control the pipes, control the world

2010 hopefully will yield fancy new technologies to put me further into dept however the upcoming year may be a year on content control. A couple of countries so far are attempting to modify their population’s behavior by controlling the data they have access to on the Internet.

China has heavily censored information available to their tech savvy republic however recent attempts have been more heavy handed. In a pornography crackdown approximately 5,394 were arrested however the report did not say how many were eventually charged. Perhaps some *ahem favors were performed to get out of jail? Or maybe some “hands were greased”? Sounds like some drum “beating” by the communists. Good luck at trying to control your 360 million Internet users.

Close on the heels of China is … Australia (really?). A controversial Internet filter is set to go ahead despite the many complaints of the masses. So much for free speech. Surprisingly Australia is trying to do the same thing as China within a democracy. Hmm, what do you think the odds of success will be?

The new year may come down to content censorship, depending on where you live. It will surely test the boundaries of morals, free speech, religion, and government. Limits of tolerance will be stretched and re-aligned. We might be seeing the creation of a new Internet: the clean and dirty version. Sign me up for the dirty version please!

Oooh, shiny stuff!

Who doesn’t like shiny stuff? Oh did I mention it can store all of your porn and it will fit in your pocket? A-Data has “cum” out with some new portable external hard drives. Currently come in 3 flavors: light sliver, cherry pink, ocean blue, and a fancy leather pouch to boot. All models are offered in the 250GB or 500GB variety (which equals lots of hours of you masterbating). They are quite eye catching so don’t be surprised if you catch people staring at your unit.

This might not be such good news if you live in China. Lookout, here comes the censorship machine! It appears that all new pc’s will soon be equipped with anti-porn software. Guess the government no likey porn corrupting their impressionable youth. The special software was designed by Jinhui Computer System Engineering who I’m sure greased (or lubed up) a few hands to get the government contract to produce the software. Hello spammers! The D-day for the requirement is July 1st. It totally unrelated news, get ready for a new bot-net to be launched on July 1st with an army of a billion situated in China.

SMS = hate speech?

An interesting tidbit in the news over in Germany about a guy who accidentally forwarded an SMS and got fined $2,300. He didn’t type it, he just forwarded it to one person and it landed him in court. So was it offensive? Possibly, potentially, probably to someone somewhere. Does it count as hate speech? Depends on what country you’re in. Europe is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber-crime and Internet rights but we’re not there yet in North America. However it will cause a bit of debate first before it ever finds it’s way into a courtroom.

China blocks iTunes for Tibet album

Customers in China of Apple Inc.’s iTunes online music store were unable to download songs this week, and an activist group said Beijing was trying to block access to a new Tibet-themed album.

In Internet forums, iTunes users complained they had been unable to download music since Monday. That was a day after the Art of Peace Foundation announced the release of “Songs for Tibet,” with music by Sting, Alanis Morissette, Garbage and others, and a 15-minute talk by the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan leader.

Michael Wohl, executive director of the New York City-based group, said he believed the album was the reason for the iTunes interruption, though he had no proof. (link)

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