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Lawyers get hacked

Over in the UK data loss isn’t a new problem, actually quite a common occurrence. So let me recap the chain of events for this particular law firm. Collect personal data from ISP for lawsuit, then get hacked, have data distributed on said Internet available for all to see, prepare to get sued by angry porn addicts. Not quite the standard plan but let’s see how this works out. ACS: Law suffered a major data breach exposing the tawdry details of some 5,300 Sky broadband customers. Apparently the firm was targeted specifically and their database and contents pilfered from under their noses. Privacy proponents argued that the data was not secured, not even encrypted thus leaving the data exposed for cyber criminals. The Information Commissioner is investigating.

Virus not so harmless

While most viruses and worms are disruptive and generally not malicious a recent discovery may change your opinion. A highly targeted worm dubbed “”Stuxnet” has been the subject of particular interest for many in the security industry. This specific virus was set to disrupt and damage Iran’s nuclear infrastructure potentially causing a world disaster. It was set to automatically launch its payload upon detecting Siemens hardware and overload the system. The unaware operator would not be any wiser that the system had become infected. Patches have already been developed and deployed by Microsoft engineers. It would seem this worm was a one shot deal, but who knows about the next one.

Stuxnet ravaging Iran computers

Let the auctions continue

A judge ruled in favor of eBay during a lawsuit launched by Tiffany’s. The jewelry maker charged that eBay knowingly advertised fakes as genuine Tiffany products harming their image. The judge ruled that Tiffany’s did not adequately prove their case. eBay did admit it knew some of the auctions listed were not genuine products but at the same time they simply provide the buyers and sellers a place make transactions and does not confirm authenticity. Other Internet companies are breathing a sigh of relief as this is viewed as a precedent providing some immunity from being sued for trademark infringement.

I find it hard to believe that many people have been fooled when buying some jewelry off of eBay at a fraction of the price AND assuming that it is indeed a genuine brand name product. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is a fake. Also, if the seller is located in Asia, it is DEFINITELY a fake. Anyways, let the auctions continue! Let stolen products and fakes alike be sold to unsuspecting buyers on eBay!

Latest virus targets corporate America

Check your email box lately? Perhaps you saw something with “Here you have” in the subject line. Many employees at big name companies did as well. In a seemingly targeted attack, Comcast, ABC and Coca-Cola and others received the peculiar email. So tempting that many simply clicked the attachment and unknowingly installed the virus. The virus reportedly spreads using the victims address book and then attempts to steal passwords. McAfee Labs has been investigating the latest virus and released an update. The originating email address are no longer active and the attacks have since moved on as quickly as they started. So please do not click on any attachments in any emails you receive, and if you absolutely have to, save the file and scan it before opening or running it.

Domain registers must be happy

It is reported that criminals are pumping out 57,000 fake websites a week. Targeting familiar brands in hopes of fooling unsuspecting web surfers. Ebay and Western Union were the sites of choice by criminals. That’s a lot of activity in any industry. Search engines are doing their best to filter out fraudulent websites but it has been a losing battle. Criminals are churning out sites faster than analysts can document them.

Probably a good idea to scan that USB key as well. You might have unknowingly been spreading worms around to other computers. (link)

I think I’ll update my anti-virus.

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