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Robot News

In robot news Panasonic has developed an assistant to wash your hair. Designed for the elderly the robot will wash one’s hair in the comfort of their own home. The robot will help relieve the duties of home care workers as the population continues to age. The 16 fingered robotic fingers massage the scalp, washes, rinses, all with similar dexterity of that of human hands. Don’t expect it to come cheap. Maintenance will probably be expensive too. I bet if you fall behind in your payments an “update” will convert the machine into a collections robot will possible kill features. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Robots in the home not enough for you? How robots that entertain us through sport? We already have robot wars thanks to engineers with too much time on their hands, how about robot soccer? In Australia they’ve been working on making robots to play football. Programmed to be autonomous the professor there boasts that by the year 2050 the robots will be better than human players. I’m all for it. So long as this eliminates hand balls, fake injuries, and ultimately leads to more goals. Soccer needs more goals. Way too boring to watch a 1-0 game. Get to it robots!

Let the auctions continue

A judge ruled in favor of eBay during a lawsuit launched by Tiffany’s. The jewelry maker charged that eBay knowingly advertised fakes as genuine Tiffany products harming their image. The judge ruled that Tiffany’s did not adequately prove their case. eBay did admit it knew some of the auctions listed were not genuine products but at the same time they simply provide the buyers and sellers a place make transactions and does not confirm authenticity. Other Internet companies are breathing a sigh of relief as this is viewed as a precedent providing some immunity from being sued for trademark infringement.

I find it hard to believe that many people have been fooled when buying some jewelry off of eBay at a fraction of the price AND assuming that it is indeed a genuine brand name product. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is a fake. Also, if the seller is located in Asia, it is DEFINITELY a fake. Anyways, let the auctions continue! Let stolen products and fakes alike be sold to unsuspecting buyers on eBay!

Chicken or Egg?

Is Facebook creating a generation of narcissistic self promoters? Or is it simply enabling them by providing them a platform on which to broadcast? Which came first? A York University study concluded that the majority of Facebook users are narcissistic. In addition had, low self esteem, and used the social network to promote themselves. Perhaps to make themselves feel better. Males tended to describe themselves in their “about me” section while women used their photo album to attract onlookers (ITS A TRAP!). So guys, don’t believe the pictures, probably been -shopped. It’s a wide brush to paint 16 million Canadian users by but if you spend anytime on the network you would have to generally agree. Hey, at least we’re not on MySpace amiright?!

So what’s your friend count at?

Ready, set, shop

I guess I’ve been doing it all wrong. Work and play seem interchangeable at work but it seems that Wednesday is the prime time for everyone else. A British study concluded that most online activity occurs around 4PM on Wednesday. A noticeable increase in online shopping activity happens, as much as 50%. On the one hand productivity takes a hit. On the other, economic revenue is generated. It’s possible that it is tied to an emotional response. The middle of the week can be a bit of lull and hence making an “exciting” purchase may boost endorphins. Whatever you do, don’t ignore your work duties. Keep shopping but remember to finish up that Johnson report.

Airphone No.4 amusing review

Hmm, should I? Get one that is. I had been considering visiting my favorite ebay seller but am somewhat reluctant. Thankfully this guy beat me to the punch. Be sure to watch the full video clip, it’s quite amusing.

The Airphone No.4 does look like a very good clone of the iPhone 4g. Like many cheap knock offs, it looks the part but falls well short in the performance department. Touchscreen does not even compare to a real iPhone. Camera quality is poor. Despite it’s “GB” branding, the only storage available is the micro SD card you choose to plug in. Apps? Pfftt, forget it. Don’t expect many websites to load up unless they are using the most basic html coding. Videos get the 3gp treatment again. If you’ve owned a previous Chinese clone phone then the interface is familiar and you know what to expect.

Looks like a good clone. Performs like crap. Don’t spend more than $100 on it. Always remember when you decide to buy an iphone clone, you get what you pay for.


Robot Sexy Time!

Is the regular love doll not doing it for you? Well get ready for Roxxxy (video) the sex robot! Hi-five! Sexy time! And you thought Real Dolls were creepy. Now, I know what you’re wondering, what’s so special, besides the $7,000 price tag. It/she comes with a laptop that is programmed with it’s/her personality. I’m guessing built in microphone and speakers to respond to voice commands. Wow, just wow. Who spends this much time building something like this? But more importantly who’s going to buy this sexbot? Rich bastards no doubt.

Small problem

So you bought yourself a shiny new Intel SSD. It’s super fast and you really like it. Then one day you disabled the drive password and POOF. Your data’s been all corrupted. Whoops! Hehe, Intel forgot to tell you about that small bug in the firmware. You know, the one that corrupts your data? Fear not, Intel has come out with a fix. Just download it and your drive is as good as new. Your data … not so much. Oh well. That will teach you to disable the hard drive password.

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