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South Korea to set up computer defenses

South Korea faces daily hacking attempts from both their northern counterparts as well as unruly Chinese gold farmers attempting to steal their state secrets. The South Korean government announced that it plans on setting up a cyber warfare defense post to fortify their systems against these attacks. This is what the interface will look like.
Actual gameplay -er active defense screens should look like this.



Would This Work On You?

Hmm, seems like a scam that would work on people who aren’t tech savvy. I’m sure there are parts of the world where many office workers simply do not know where their data is stored or how the process of data recovery works. However, in hindsight, wouldn’t it seem odd that the thief would only steal the hard drive and not the entire computer? I mean a hard drive itself is not worth the effort to steal. Clearly a desperate criminal who did not adequately think out the crime.

It all requires a bit of set up. During a regular tech call, make an image of the drive, claim that you are just taking necessary precautions in case something happens during your system clean up. Then go away. Then come back another time (preferably during the cover of darkness) break in, steal small items that are worth money, trash the computer or even steal the computer. Wait a day or 2. Then call them back to schedule the next tech call. Oh, what’s that? You got robbed? Oh, well I can put a new system together for you. I think I still have that copy of your data but I will have to check if I wiped the drive or not. Sure, I can do everything for you and get you back up in running in a few days for … say $$$$$$. Will that be cash or cheque?

Smart criminals don’t make headlines. Only the idiots.

Extreme temperatures not good for hard drives

I noticed this interesting post on Gizmodo with a picture of a hard drive. Cover off, and tiny shiny pieces of what was left of a platter. Reading through the comments I was surprised that very few people actually knew what the platters are made of. Glass. Plain and simple. Platters are made out of glass and coated in metal. The metal surface of course maintains the magnetic signal of all your important data. Not aluminum, not steel or any other metal. Hopefully more people realize just how fragile hard drives are. So you “only” dropped your hard drive on to carpet and it was “only” 1 foot while the drive was on, is like a death sentence to a hard drive.

Now by all accounts a shattered hard drive is an extremely rare occurrence. It takes a combination of temperature, spinning frequency, and physical shock at the right time for this to occur. It’s generally a good idea to wait for electronic equipment to reach room temperature before turning it on. Especially if it has been sitting in a courier’s truck overnight. The sudden surge of electricity pulsing through cold wires can make for interesting outcomes. Admittedly it is hard to resist playing with new gadget as soon as they arrive.

Tech on TV: 24

Did you happen to catch the television show “24” last night? If you’re any type of a geek I’m sure you spotted a few laughable technology incidents during the show. For me there were 2 spots where I just could not suspend reality and be entertained. There’s a scene where inside the FBI the technicians working for the secret organization manage to implement a system wide format. Yes, silly I know, but it moved the plot along. You can’t have Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) always yelling “put down the weapon!”. So according to the grand wise old television, all that is required to perform a system wide network format is a “special” I/O card, I’m guessing it was PCI, reprogram the firmware, plug the card into a server hot, without shutting or powering down, then type some command line functions and voila. System wide format. Oh and did I mention that you have to “tie the servers together”? HA!

Another issue I had was Chloe, magically recovering data of the secret list of agents stored on an “unknown media device” (which simply looked like a metal SD card or metal USB stick). And it wipes itself after one use? HA! As well Chloe manages to perform another magical data recovery after the system wide format. ZOMG! Run some data recovery software and there’s the files! A secure wipe would have taken a very long time. Sure maybe the bad guys could have performed a quick wipe but any cheap software could have saved the data files. Script writer FAIL! I guess I’m just nerding out but I have to pick on something.

LEGO mod for you old playstation

LEGO + anything = awesome. Checkout this mod involving your favorite plastic bricks and old Sony stuff. Something for you to do over the holidays if you’re really bored. Make

Lego ring

Just when I thought about throwing out my old lego, I think I just found a use for some of the pieces. I’m not much for wearing jewelry but this one is something I might consider. However I’m not sure what kind of reception I’d get a club or bar. Would the ladies consider this ring acceptable as an engagement ring? What if I put a green brick on it? Don’t I get bonus points for being geeky romantic? Geez, women are so hard to please.
Now if I could just figure a way to order one …

Since when does “fruit” get sick?

A bit of a security kerfuffle has erupted over a recent posting and then removal of anti virus suggestions on the Apple website. Could it be? Apple admitting that their cute little MacBooks and iMacs are susceptible to the same virus and malware issues that affect PC’s? (I’m sure collectively Mac users smugness swept across the universe) You’re right, it was a good idea to remove it, however doubt has already set in. So yes, it was a good idea to be proactive and get Mac users on the security bandwagon but a lot of questions were raised. Why now? Is there some major worm going around targeting Mac OSX? And then why remove the page from the knowledge base the next day? ZOMG Macs CAN get infected.

(panic has already started) Maybe Steve Jobs is in cahoots with McAfee and Symantec in an effort to drum up software sales. Didn’t they just launch a new Mac OSX version last month? Hmm. Could it be that “Macs don’t get viruses” has been a catchy slogan that has been flawed right from the start? It was silly to think any computer was 100% immune. Hopefully this will end some of those annoying Mac/PC commercials.

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