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Is a Windows Phone on your radar?

Microsoft’s recent launch of their updated mobile OS WP7 put the spotlight on their renewed effort into the mobile field. But is it enough to lure consumers away from their iPhones, Blackberry’s, and Android phones? There’s no question there is tons of potential here. If there’s anyone willing to throw money into a development pit, it’s certainly Microsoft. Here are a few things I thought were missing that they could have done better.

Flagship. Every launch needs a flagship product. I didn’t see one. The Samsung phone? The HTC phone? I didn’t see anything that made me want to go out and suddenly own another Microsoft product.

Apps. If mobile developers have learned anything it’s that applications drive consumers to buy your product. Again this is one of those things that has potential when you have a company like Microsoft backing development.

The things that I did like. The OS. It looks very good. Smooth, different but familiar. Perhaps resource heavy? Whatever they got running it must be fairly powerful. MS office integration. If it’s a Microsoft product you gotta have integration of MS Office. That’s one thing it has over other mobile OS’s.

It could take off over the holiday shopping season. Perhaps Steve Balmer has something else up his sleeve?


No More Crazy Phone Bills

This is good news. The FCC is hoping to make some changes for the benefit of cell phone consumers. If they get their way then the shocking bill will be a thing of the past. Suggestions so far are along the lines of text messages warning you when your data plan is over the cap, roaming on another network, and clear definitions of the charges you are racking while continuing to talk to your friends. The end of thousand dollar cell phone bill? Probably not. If these features are implemented there will still be some moron who claims ignorance, then goes and makes a youtube video about their bill. Surfing the net on your phone while in a different country? Making local calls on vacation? Heck even making long distance calls when you don’t have any LD minutes included in your plan. Use wifi people, it’s everywhere. Also, use your brain to think. There is no app for that.

Temporary Passwords

When I think of all of the net cafes I have visited, public computers, and unsecured wifi connections something like this is a great idea. Facebook is implementing a temporary password feature for when you just have to get your friend updates using a public computer. Thwarting keylogging software and protecting your tweets, Facebook is on to something. You need to have a cell phone and mobile number attached to your account and a temporary password will be texted to your phone. The password is good for 20 minutes and useless for anyone spying on your keyboard presses. The new feature should be rolled over the coming weeks, now hopefully people will actually use it.

Rogers 4g soon?

Freshly off a successful 3g launch last year and happy customers Rogers is focusing on the next gen speed of communication. The company has begun 4g testing of their LTE network in the Ottawa area. So does this mean Rogers 4g service is just around the corner? They are staying mum so far but one would expect if they are, there will be a big fuss over it.

Bell also let it be known that they have been testing their 4g network since early summer. They also let it slip that they expect service to be available in 2012. Either way both of these wireless carriers will be pushing to be first for bragging rights.

4g has had limited success in the US but faster is faster right? No need to start researching 4g phones just yet. It looks like 4g launch is still a long ways away.

RIM wins reprieve

To ban or not to ban. Well for UAE mobile users it looks like you are in the clear for now. The Oct. 11 deadline to ban all RIM based phone communications has now been called off. According to sources an agreement has been worked out to satisfy both sides. My guess is that a temporary solution is working as a proof of concept and putting the necessary hardware in place is in the works. So looks like the 500,000 Blackberry users will be able to continue to happily message away with the UAE government/RIM monitoring conversations. Governments accessing corporate data is going to open a whole new can of worms. Get ready for a few months of economic instability once a few corrupt government employees get their hands on inside information and start making big stock market bets. Let the data leaks begin!

SSD News

What do you get when you mix optical drives with NAND technology? Hitachi‘s latest press release. Hitachi dabbles with a hard drive hybrid. However Seagate’s attempt at mixing the technology did not turn out so great. Slower performance, less than stellar number crunching but still Hitachi plods on. Boasting a caching performance boost, boot times, application speed, and capacity. Wait and see what price they put on it.

Intel’s 3rd gen SSD looks to be promising. Based on the previous postville design there have been a number of improvements. Boosted write speeds and drive size (from 160GB to 600GB) Intel looks to lock up the enterprise market. Full disk AES encryption also promoting data security for state secrets. The X25-m is set for first quarter launch.

Mobile News

Someone at Samsung must be smiling. The Galaxy S is set to pass 5 million units sold worldwide AND it hasn’t even found its way to Japan yet. Is there any other phone that will derail this train? I guess this Android thing is for real. Now if only they could speed up production on that tablet.

From its days hovering around bankruptcy to snubbing Microsoft. Motorola has gotten all snooty when it comes to shipping a phone with a Windows Mobile OS. While they haven’t said ‘no’ to anything just yet, they are open to the idea of working with Microsoft, so long as the mobile OS is a piece of crap.

Who is this Huawei? Making no name phones and showing up at my cell phone provider’s booths? What are the odds that one of their handsets is actually good? The Huawei Ascend just might be that one phone. Sporting Android 2.1, 3.2 megapixel camera, and other features is a nice cheap introduction to the no name company.

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