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Largest … for now

Is the WD 3 TB hard drive the largest? Yes, for now at least. 2 terabytes is sooo last year, hurry up and upgrade already. This bad boy has 750GB of storage per platter and will be available for around $240 (street price may vary). It’s from the Western Digital Green series of hard drives so it’s environment friendly, low power consumption, blah blah blah. The flip side is that it will probably be slower than say the Blue series or Black so be aware. Let’s wait and see what Seagate comes up with in a month or so.

Playstation credit card and more Sony stuff

If you’ve been thinking of getting a Sony Playstation 3 you might want to sign up for the new Playstation credit card. Not only will you save $150 off a new PS3 but you will also accumulate Sony Points towards more Sony stuff. Sadly the credit card is only available to residents of the United States.

However there are other promotions going on for Canadians right now.

*Save $150 off customized Vaio laptops (eCoupon- MYVAIO150) minimum purchase of $1500.00 is required.

*Save $100 off most GPS navu systems.

*Free ebooks with the purchase of the Reader Digital Book

*1 year of Bell Expressvu HD with the purchase of a Bravia LCD tv

SP3 causing problems … you were expecting something else?

Within hours of its release, Microsoft’s Service Pack 3 for Windows XP began drawing hundreds of complaints from users who claim the update is wreaking havoc on their PCs.

The problems with XP SP3, according to posters on Microsoft’s Windows XP message board, range from spontaneous reboots to outright system crashes.

“My external disks are having trouble starting up, which results in Windows not starting up,” complained user Michael Faklis, in a post Wednesday. “After three attempts [to install XP SP3] with different configurations each time, System Restore was the only way to get me out of deep s**t,” said ‘Doug W’.

Another user said the service pack prevented him from starting his computer. “I downloaded and installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals,” wrote ‘Paul’. “Now I can’t get the computer to boot.”

Dozens of other posters reported similar problems. (link)

Reviews: No More Heroes and Devil May Cry 4

No More Heroes (Ubisoft, for the Wii): The last console game written by Goichi Suda – aka Suda 51 – was 2005’s “Killer 7,” the spectacularly weird tale of an assassin with multiple personality disorder. “No More Heroes” isn’t quite as bizarre, although it’s perverse enough that fans will definitely recognize the Suda touch.The antihero, Travis Touchdown, is a young hit man with an itch to make a name for himself in the brutal town of Santa Destroy. He’s the low man on the assassins’ totem pole, and the only way to advance is by killing everyone ranked above him. His rivals are a colourful bunch – a gunslinger named Dr. Peace, a wannabe superhero called Destroyman – and a lot of the fun comes from witnessing their distinctive attacks.

You wield Travis’ “beam katana” by pressing the Wii Remote’s A button; finishing blows are accomplished by swinging the remote and nunchaku to match on-screen prompts. The mix of button-mashing and physical exertion creates an unusually visceral experience, especially after you’ve made a garage full of henchmen explode like blood-filled pinatas. “No More Heroes” suffers from some lacklustre side missions, but the primary assassination jobs are so deliriously entertaining that they’re almost as much fun to watch as to play. Three and a half stars out of four.

Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3): You wouldn’t expect much originality out of a game with a “4” in its title, but “Devil May Cry 4” does throw a few curveballs at fans of the series. Longtime demon-hunter Dante has been demoted to supporting character; the prologue is an extended duel between the erstwhile hero and new leading man Nero.

Nero flashes some familiar weapons – a big gun and a bigger sword – but he also sports the Demon Bringer, a glowing right arm that he can use to rip apart monsters or zip across the landscape. As the game progresses, the weapons become more powerful and Nero’s arsenal of moves becomes more varied.

Despite the new hero, none of this is particularly fresh, and the level designs are obvious and repetitious. But “DMC4” looks spectacular, and working Nero into a demon-slaughtering frenzy can be highly entertaining. Three stars.


PS3 processor shrunk, slim PS3’s on the way

At an ISSCC session yesterday afternoon, IBM announced details of a smaller, lower-power version of the Cell BE processor that powers Sony’s PlayStation 3. The Cell BE is currently fabricated on IBM’s 65nm SOI process, but IBM will soon move the console chip onto the company’s much-ballyhooed, next-generation 45nm high-k process.

The 45nm Cell will use about 40 percent less power than its 65nm predecessor, and its die area will be reduced by 34 percent. The greatly reduced power budget will cut down on the amount of active cooling required by the console, which in turn will make it cheaper to produce and more reliable (this means fewer warrantied returns). Also affecting Sony’s per-unit cost is the reduction in overall die size. A smaller die means a smaller, cheaper package; it also means that yields will be better and that each chip will cost less overall. (link)

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