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Airphone No.4 amusing review

Hmm, should I? Get one that is. I had been considering visiting my favorite ebay seller but am somewhat reluctant. Thankfully this guy beat me to the punch. Be sure to watch the full video clip, it’s quite amusing.

The Airphone No.4 does look like a very good clone of the iPhone 4g. Like many cheap knock offs, it looks the part but falls well short in the performance department. Touchscreen does not even compare to a real iPhone. Camera quality is poor. Despite it’s “GB” branding, the only storage available is the micro SD card you choose to plug in. Apps? Pfftt, forget it. Don’t expect many websites to load up unless they are using the most basic html coding. Videos get the 3gp treatment again. If you’ve owned a previous Chinese clone phone then the interface is familiar and you know what to expect.

Looks like a good clone. Performs like crap. Don’t spend more than $100 on it. Always remember when you decide to buy an iphone clone, you get what you pay for.


Take Two’s lawyers go after Chicago Transit Authority

The Chicago Transit Authority has allegedly pulled an ad campaign for Grand Theft Auto IV and the video game’s publisher is suing. In papers filed in Manhattan federal court, publisher Take Two, claims the CTA is infringing on its first amendment rights and in breach of its contractual obligations by refusing to continue the campaign.

According to Reuters, Take Two wants the ads reinstated as well as financial compensation of $300,000.

The ads were removed after a news item ran on a local Fox television station questioning the CTA’s decision to run the campaign after a recent crime wave hit the city. This is not the first time GTA IV has come under fire, while fans lined up in droves to get their hands on the game, various advocacy groups denounced GTA IV for glamorizing crime, delinquent behavior and violence. (link)

Reviews: No More Heroes and Devil May Cry 4

No More Heroes (Ubisoft, for the Wii): The last console game written by Goichi Suda – aka Suda 51 – was 2005’s “Killer 7,” the spectacularly weird tale of an assassin with multiple personality disorder. “No More Heroes” isn’t quite as bizarre, although it’s perverse enough that fans will definitely recognize the Suda touch.The antihero, Travis Touchdown, is a young hit man with an itch to make a name for himself in the brutal town of Santa Destroy. He’s the low man on the assassins’ totem pole, and the only way to advance is by killing everyone ranked above him. His rivals are a colourful bunch – a gunslinger named Dr. Peace, a wannabe superhero called Destroyman – and a lot of the fun comes from witnessing their distinctive attacks.

You wield Travis’ “beam katana” by pressing the Wii Remote’s A button; finishing blows are accomplished by swinging the remote and nunchaku to match on-screen prompts. The mix of button-mashing and physical exertion creates an unusually visceral experience, especially after you’ve made a garage full of henchmen explode like blood-filled pinatas. “No More Heroes” suffers from some lacklustre side missions, but the primary assassination jobs are so deliriously entertaining that they’re almost as much fun to watch as to play. Three and a half stars out of four.

Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3): You wouldn’t expect much originality out of a game with a “4” in its title, but “Devil May Cry 4” does throw a few curveballs at fans of the series. Longtime demon-hunter Dante has been demoted to supporting character; the prologue is an extended duel between the erstwhile hero and new leading man Nero.

Nero flashes some familiar weapons – a big gun and a bigger sword – but he also sports the Demon Bringer, a glowing right arm that he can use to rip apart monsters or zip across the landscape. As the game progresses, the weapons become more powerful and Nero’s arsenal of moves becomes more varied.

Despite the new hero, none of this is particularly fresh, and the level designs are obvious and repetitious. But “DMC4” looks spectacular, and working Nero into a demon-slaughtering frenzy can be highly entertaining. Three stars.


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