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LaCie on board with bigger drives

LaCie has upgraded their d2 external storage with some bigger drives. 4 TB? Try 6 terabytes. Thanks to Western Digital and their latest drives. Claiming to be the fastest 2 drive RAID on the market we can only assume for the time being. Supporting USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 hit up the LaCie website for more.


AMD rolls out 6 and 12 core Opterons

AMD has updated its server processor roadmap with single-die 6-core and dual-die 12-core Opteron processors. The new processors will be manufactured in a 45 nm process that will be introduced with the Shanghai quad-core later this year.

When Intel rolls out its Nehalem processors later this year, AMD appears to be better prepared than in late 2006 when Core began its triumph and until today pretty much wiped out all of the gains AMD Opteron has made in previous years. On the server side, AMD will counter Intel with the “Shanghai” quad-core CPU, which will be based on the current Barcelona technology, but will be manufactured in 45 nm and bring performance and power consumption benefits.

According to vice president Randy Allen, Shanghai will deliver about 20% more speed than Barcelona. While the chip will remain compatible with the current Socket F (1207) platform, the L3 cache will triple to 6 MB, 3-lane HT3 support will be integrated and DDR memory support will be extended to 800 MHz devices. AMD claims that the idle power consumption of the new CPUs will be 20% below their 65 nm counterparts. (link)

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