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Gadget: MicroSD CF raid adapter

Confusing title? Indeed. For those of you amateur photographers still living in the dark ages using compact flash as your media of choice this little gadget may be for you. I’m sure (like everyone) you have a collection of microSD cards just lying around going to waste. Make that flash memory relevant again by plugging them into this fancy compact flash adapter. What’s so special? It’s a mini RAID 0 adapter. That’s right. You plug in your microSD cards, and it makes it one big CF storage unit. Yay! Your DSLR camera from the last decade is useful once again.
(but won’t the read/write speed be slow? you ask … yes, yes it will. Let me distract you by shaking my car keys in your face …)

Dual SIM conversion mod

Check out this mod. Probably not useful for most of you but for frequent business travellers this can definitely keep you in contact with your multinational companies.

“DuoSIM is a very cool new conversion kit to upgrade standard mobile phones to dual SIM operation so you can have two SIM cards installed and switch between them at the push of a button. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while to make the best use of different data and call rate plans, but up till now the adapters have all required that you cut your SIM card up first, which is something I didn’t really want to do.” (link)

Gadget: stream your audio with this wireless USB device

Audioengine has released a new product called the AW1, which can wirelessly connect nearly any audio source to any audio playback device up to 100 feet away. The Audioengine AW1 sender connects to a computer via USB or any audio source via RCA jacks or a line-out jack, automatically connects to the AW1 receiver with no drivers, software, or network management required, and wirelessly transmits the signal. The wireless transmission uses AvneraAudio’s technology that we reported about back in December to produce “CD quality” sound without static or signal dropouts. The AW1 wireless adapter is priced at $149, and includes the sender and receiver, power adapter, and audio cables. (link)

gadgets: tiny bluetooth adapter

Talk about tiny. Go ahead, take a penny out of your pocket. Yeah, it’s that small. (That’s what your wife said, ZING!) $24 for pleasure of saying “it’s not the size, it’s the connect ability”.


Bus powered eSata products on the way

I think this is a great idea. Who like lugging that extra power adapter around with their laptop? Anyone? This is why I have to use a friggin’ backpack to carry my stuff around.

“On Monday, the Serial ATA Standards Organization (SATA-IO) said it was working on a plan to deliver power over the external SATA (eSATA) bus during the second half of 2008.

Really, there’s not any more to it than that. The key, however, is the possibility of eliminating another annoying power brick, and letting eSATA carry the load, as it were.

What wasn’t said was what that maximum power load will be, which would go a long way toward determining what products will be bus powered (an individual drive, say) and what won’t (a multi-drive NAS in a RAID configuration)”. (link)

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