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Oooh, shiny stuff!

Who doesn’t like shiny stuff? Oh did I mention it can store all of your porn and it will fit in your pocket? A-Data has “cum” out with some new portable external hard drives. Currently come in 3 flavors: light sliver, cherry pink, ocean blue, and a fancy leather pouch to boot. All models are offered in the 250GB or 500GB variety (which equals lots of hours of you masterbating). They are quite eye catching so don’t be surprised if you catch people staring at your unit.

This might not be such good news if you live in China. Lookout, here comes the censorship machine! It appears that all new pc’s will soon be equipped with anti-porn software. Guess the government no likey porn corrupting their impressionable youth. The special software was designed by Jinhui Computer System Engineering who I’m sure greased (or lubed up) a few hands to get the government contract to produce the software. Hello spammers! The D-day for the requirement is July 1st. It totally unrelated news, get ready for a new bot-net to be launched on July 1st with an army of a billion situated in China.

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