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Intel Atom hits 2Ghz

Just my luck. Pick up a Dell Mini 9 and Intel comes out with 2Ghz Atom processors. Faster, smaller, efficient processors. Now it’s a race between VIA nano and Intel Atom. Who’s going to top the benchmarks and sway consumers to buy their products. Most likely you’ll be seeing these processors in cell phones in 6 months. Full blown Windows platform (or perhaps even a Google platform?) ultra mobile net pc in a cell phone package. Sliding 3″ screen with touch screen interface and keyboard. Forget netbooks. Who’s going to make the computing capable cell phone with usability.

Atom vs. Nano

In order to test VIA’s new chip, I’ve benchmarked it against Intel’s Atom. There’s a lot of curiosity out there about how the two low-power processors stack up against each other, and this article attempts to satisfy that curiosity, but it’s important to note that this is not an apples-to-apples comparison. According to Intel executive VP Sean Maloney, Atom is “built for low power and designed specifically for a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices and simple, low-cost PC’s.” As for Nano, VIA’s whitepaper (PDF) states: “It [Nano] will initially power a range of ‘slim ‘n’ light’ notebooks.” and “will also appear in ultra mobile mini-note devices and small form factor, green desktop systems for home and office use.”

While there is a certain degree of overlap between the two processors, it’s limited to the relative upper end of Atom’s target market and the relative lower end of Nano’s. This might not seem so evident at the moment, given the limited number of Atom configurations Intel is currently selling on the DIY market (one), but the two products are focused in two different directions. There are other factors that cloud the comparison, including an early reference platform from VIA and a horribly mismatched processor+chipset combination from Intel, but I’ve done what I can to tease those differences out and present the two products from a variety of angles. (news)

Intel Centrino Atom processors are official

Intel Corporation today introduced five new Intel® Atom™ processors and Intel Centrino® Atom™ processor technology for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and embedded computing solutions.

The technology package includes the Intel® Atom™ processor (formerly codenamed “Silverthorne”) plus a single-chip with integrated graphics called the Intel® System Controller Hub that enables PC-like capabilities, an uncompromised Internet experience and long battery life in smaller devices that can fit in your pocket. Manufacturers around the world are planning to ship Intel-based MIDs beginning this summer.

MIDs are truly mobile devices that enable the best Internet experience in pocketable devices. MIDs will allow consumers to communicate, entertain, access information and be productive on-the-go, and are expected to represent a new class of next-generation, Internet-based portable video players, navigation devices, converged tablets and other consumer products. (link)

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