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Who says you can’t have a hot lunch at your desk

Often I find myself stuck to my desk working on some unimportant project and absent mindedly work through my lunch hour. So I’m left to snack on unhealthy candy bars or have some other cold lunch. But who says you can’t have a hot lunch at your desk? Yet another innovative product (and probably a fire hazard might I add) which keeps your lunch hot while you slave away at your desk. The USB lunch bag helps you avoid the microwave lineup by using it’s built in heater to warm up last night’s left overs. Mmm, mmm, good.

Just remember to unplug it when you leave for the day. Nobody every burned down the office with a paper brown bag, but your little USB lunch bag just might do the trick. Keep on churning out the USB products my asian brothers and sisters!


iPods and road safety

Who says iPods haven’t changed the way the world works? Even governments are aware of the dangers of iPods. Even crossing the road can get you killed.

“… in Sydney, Australia and the New South Wales Police Force have released a road safety print campaign to raise awareness of the fact that teenagers are dying from crossing the road while listening to their iPods.” (link)

What happened to look both ways before you cross? Isn’t that a universally taught lesson? Next up: iPods with air bags.  I can see the slogan now: “Protect your dumbass with the latest iPod, new and improved, available with side impact air bags.”

Sony TWAT, now available in brown

Nice product name. Can I get the pink version?

Sony TWA/T

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