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Service vs Content

No tv make me go something something. This could not have come at a worse time, NFL football, baseball playoffs, start of the NBA season. This cable dispute is using it’s customers as a human shield.

Looks like a big showdown is about to come to a head. News Corp vs Cablevision pits service providers against the content providers, who will win? Rather than work things out in a board room both sides are taking a hard line approach and this channel ban is the result. Of course it’s all over money. The content providers are going to withhold their product (ie. hold their breath) until the service provider gives in, because their customers constantly call up and yelling at them, and throw more money at the problem to make it go away. Could be a major precedent. Is that the sound of cable bills going up?

While it hasn’t happened yet in Canada the problem could move north. Perhaps this is why Bell made a recent acquisition buying up CTV. I’m sure if a dispute arises in the great white north cooler heads will prevail and no such channel banning will occur, we hope.

So whats more important? The content or the service provider? Either way the customer loses.


RIM wins reprieve

To ban or not to ban. Well for UAE mobile users it looks like you are in the clear for now. The Oct. 11 deadline to ban all RIM based phone communications has now been called off. According to sources an agreement has been worked out to satisfy both sides. My guess is that a temporary solution is working as a proof of concept and putting the necessary hardware in place is in the works. So looks like the 500,000 Blackberry users will be able to continue to happily message away with the UAE government/RIM monitoring conversations. Governments accessing corporate data is going to open a whole new can of worms. Get ready for a few months of economic instability once a few corrupt government employees get their hands on inside information and start making big stock market bets. Let the data leaks begin!

Text messaging while driving ‘terminated’

Arnold Schwarzenegger has approved a bill making it illegal to text message while driving. Fines are $20 for the first and $50 for each subsequent offense. This should have been a no brainer. Phone usage has increased and it’s hard to find anybody not talking on the phone while driving. It’s hard to believe that there are some people out there attempting to press those tiny numbers on their phone while driving a vehicle.

I dread when my phone rings in the car. Should I answer it, distract myself, and risk getting into an accident? I check to see who’s calling then try to guess how important the call is. Ultimately I put the phone down and focus back on driving. It always seems that I get more calls when I forget my bluetooth headset. It comes down to a decision of convenience vs safety. In the end I will always choose safety.

I blame the younger generation. They have no fear. Growing up with technology all around them it simply made sense to integrate it into daily life. Multitasking is a way of life. However the dangers is some situations are never realized until disaster strikes. Hopefully banning the practice will make the road safer for all of us.

Congressman wants Second Life banned

Rep. Mark Kirk, who is seeking re-election this year, staged a press conference at a library in his suburban Chicago district on Tuesday to highlight what he called the “dangers” of the virtual world to children. Flanked by local officials, he also released a letter asking Federal Trade Commission Chairman William E. Kovacic to “take action to warn parents of the similar dangers and sexually explicit content found on Second Life.”

Kirk said he was appalled that Second Life has no age verification features built into its registration process, and he claimed that there are “countless locations” outside of the service’s teen-designated area where virtual prostitution, drug deals, and “other wholly inappropriate activities” occur.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, Kirk recounted an aide’s failed attempt to create an avatar on the site as a 10-year-old–and a subsequently successful attempt to log in as an 18-year-old.

“Sites like Second Life offer no protections to keep kids from virtual “rape rooms,” brothels, and drug stores,” Kirk said, according to a press release. “If sites like Second Life won’t protect kids from obviously inappropriate content, the Congress will.” (link)

IBM receives temporary contract ban

IBM Corp. has been temporarily banned from receiving future contracts with U.S. agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed on Monday.

The suspension went into effect last Thursday “while the agency reviews concerns raised about potential activities involving an EPA procurement,” the agency said Monday in an e-mailed statement. Under a reciprocal agreement among federal agencies, when one issues a ban, the others follow it.

EPA said it will not comment further on the matter. (link)

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