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People badmouthing you on Wiki? Sue them

One thing the Internet has taught us: if you want to see a defamatory/embarrassing/ridiculous claim about yourself or your business cleaned from the tubes, the one thing you don’t want to do is file an ill-advised lawsuit against a site like Wikipedia. What once was known only by a few is suddenly known by the world. Barbara Bauer, who runs the Barbara Bauer Literary Agency, looks like she’s set to learn that lesson the hard way after suing Wikipedia for an article that called her the “Dumbest of the Twenty Worst” literary agents and said that she had made no book sales at all.

The controversy stems from a few brief statements regarding Bauer’s track record (none of which remain on the site at this time). These statements weren’t simply dragged from the ether; Bauer was included on a list of the twenty worst agents back in 2006 and that list was widely circulated in the blogosphere. The controversy was discussed at the time by writer Teresa Nielsen Hayden, who called Bauer a “well-known scam agent” and the “dumbest of the twenty worst.” Even before that, writers were complaining about her agency in various discussion forums. (link)

Study: More chicks blogging (mostly ugly)

Kylie Robertson first began blogging at 13, about the time she felt some complicated new emotions emerging.

By her mid-teens, she was routinely spilling her feelings online, using her Internet journal as her sounding board. Mostly, she vented about whatever was ticking her off at the time.

“I thought that starting something like a blog could help me – I could go back and read what I was feeling at that time, and it would help me to sort things out,” she says.

Robertson, now 19, isn’t alone. While teens as a whole rule the blogosphere – 28 per cent of Internet-using teenagers blog compared with only eight per cent of adults – girls of all ages dominate, according to a recent survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

The survey suggests about 35 per cent of online teen girls blog, while only 20 per cent of online boys do it. “Virtually all of the growth in teen blogging between 2004 and 2006 is due to the increased activity of girls,” the survey reported. (link)

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