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Panasonic SDHC cards, fast

Panasonic announced that it will be offering up new versions of 8 GB and 16 GB SDHC cards. The difference? They’re about twice as fast as the last ones. These babies meet the class 10 speed rating which works out to 60 mb a second of performance. OR a rapid shot photo feature that you will be able to actually use practically with your own camera. Seriously, ever try that with a class 4 camera card? FAIL. If you like press releases go here. Soon to be in stores for November.

Not for just games

Dual core, quad core, cross fire? Er- what? Not just for playing video games or making them look good. High resolution and FPS aren’t the only thing high end gaming display graphics cards are being used for. How about cracking passwords? While it’s not uncommon for the Air Force to be using them to government purposes but the everyday person who needs to crack some wifi passwords start shopping for an ATI video card.

The ATI Radeon HD5970 can outperform a Core i7-960 by 20 times when it comes to hardcore processing power. AND at the fraction of the cost. I don’t know exactly if that’s a good thing to make this hardware available at the local computer store, easily accessible by anyone with devious intentions.

Tech on TV: 24

Did you happen to catch the television show “24” last night? If you’re any type of a geek I’m sure you spotted a few laughable technology incidents during the show. For me there were 2 spots where I just could not suspend reality and be entertained. There’s a scene where inside the FBI the technicians working for the secret organization manage to implement a system wide format. Yes, silly I know, but it moved the plot along. You can’t have Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) always yelling “put down the weapon!”. So according to the grand wise old television, all that is required to perform a system wide network format is a “special” I/O card, I’m guessing it was PCI, reprogram the firmware, plug the card into a server hot, without shutting or powering down, then type some command line functions and voila. System wide format. Oh and did I mention that you have to “tie the servers together”? HA!

Another issue I had was Chloe, magically recovering data of the secret list of agents stored on an “unknown media device” (which simply looked like a metal SD card or metal USB stick). And it wipes itself after one use? HA! As well Chloe manages to perform another magical data recovery after the system wide format. ZOMG! Run some data recovery software and there’s the files! A secure wipe would have taken a very long time. Sure maybe the bad guys could have performed a quick wipe but any cheap software could have saved the data files. Script writer FAIL! I guess I’m just nerding out but I have to pick on something.

PCI Express storage card faster than SSD

Need really, really fast data storage and accessibility? Perhaps the Fusion-io ioDrive is for you, Mr. Moneybags. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a PCI-E card with data storage capabilities. Who knew SSD’s would get derailed before they even got started?

The ioDrive has write speeds of up to 368 MB/s (MegaBytes) and read times of 473 MB/s. It uses NAND flash memory (same as SSD) and takes advantage of the PCI-E bus speed (instead of SATA, relatively slower). In comparison to SSD’s, it’s double the read speed and 5 times the write speed.

So what does it mean for you the home user? Cheaper SSDs in the future and faster response times from your favorite porn sites. Take a look here if you want to nerd out on the details.

Playstation credit card and more Sony stuff

If you’ve been thinking of getting a Sony Playstation 3 you might want to sign up for the new Playstation credit card. Not only will you save $150 off a new PS3 but you will also accumulate Sony Points towards more Sony stuff. Sadly the credit card is only available to residents of the United States.

However there are other promotions going on for Canadians right now.

*Save $150 off customized Vaio laptops (eCoupon- MYVAIO150) minimum purchase of $1500.00 is required.

*Save $100 off most GPS navu systems.

*Free ebooks with the purchase of the Reader Digital Book

*1 year of Bell Expressvu HD with the purchase of a Bravia LCD tv

Own an nVidia graphics cards? Worried yet?

This is reason why I went with an ATI Radeon 4850 instead of an nVidia GeForce 8800. This was enough to spook me away from nVidia. On the flip side the issue with ATI is drivers. In the past they would never update their drivers and newer games could have some compatibility issues. ATI/AMD is getting better. Just last week I noticed they updated my video drive so I downloaded it and fixed some of the minor problems I was having. ATI/AMD all the way baby!

“NVidia is in deep trouble over the defective parts problem, and from what we’re being told, this is only the tip of the iceberg. NV still insists on stonewalling and spinning because the cost of owning up to the problem could very well sink the company.

In any case, the official story is that there was a small batch of parts given only to HP that went bad. That was comprehensively proved wrong when Dell, Apple, Asus, Lenovo and everyone else under the sun also had problems. NV AR recalled the parts and recanted the story about it only being an EOL test run. Bad fibbers, no cookie. They still stuck to the story about it being only laptop parts, and that it was under control.” (link)

U.S. cracks TJ Maxx data theft case

The US authorities have charged 11 people in connection with the theft of credit-card details in the country’s largest-ever identity theft case.

They are accused of stealing more than 40 million credit and debit card numbers before selling the information.

They allegedly hacked into the computer systems of several major US retailers and installed software to access account details and passwords.

Prosecutors said the alleged fraud was an “international conspiracy”.

‘Increasing vulnerability’

Three of those charged are US citizens. The others come from Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and China.

The 11 suspects are alleged to have obtained card numbers, account information and password details by driving around neighbourhoods and hacking into wireless equipment. (link)

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