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More Handset Choices Please

The Canadian cellphone market sucks. No news here. Not only are you limited in service providers but as well you’re limited in the choice of good handsets. You’d at least expect a decent selection for a country who’s average cellular plan is one of the most expensive in the world. So what are you paying for exactly? Go ahead, checkout the available handsets for Canadian cellphone providers: Telus, Rogers, Bell. Unless you want a Blackberry then you’ve got problems. iPhone? Enjoy your 3 year 500mb data plan at $25 a month. Perhaps you actually like crappy handsets like LG and Samsung?

Ok, so there are some decent phones available but if you take a look at the models that are offered to the ones that are actually produced by the manufacturer you will notice a problem here. We’re about 6 months behind other countries when it comes to the latest and greatest phones. Last year’s phones with outdated features. Why must I resort to buying an unlocked phone from eBay when it should be readily available from an existing service provider. How long did it take for the iPhone to come to Canada? Exactly. While many are already enjoying the Palm Pre, Bell Canada still advertises “coming soon”. For Android lovers, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on the HTC Hero.

8 megapixel cameraphones coming soon

Omnivision is already the the largest supplier of CMOS image sensors in the world, and now its new OmniBSITM chip design promises the world’s first consumer 8 megapixel cellphone camera. The new chip uses a technique that’s been around for a while, called backside illumination, that allows more light to reach each pixel. And that allows the chip to use a small 1.4-micron pixel that’s better than current larger versions.

Normal CMOS sensors use “front side” illumination: incoming light travels through many shallow layers of electronics before hitting the sensor pixels themselves. Backside illumination simply turns all that the other way up, so that incoming photons don’t have to journey through interfering layers before they hit the pixels. That means less get lost along the way, meaning the pixels are more sensitive to light, and can be made smaller for the same responsiveness. (Gizmodo)

Hot: Logitech bluetooth speakers

Logitech today quietly rounded out its Pure-Fi speaker line with the Pure-Fi Mobile. The system is targeted chiefly at cellphone users and relies on its Bluetooth 2.0 to provide stereo audio pulled from any device that supports A2DP, including recent Macs and Windows PCs as well as most music-capable cellphones. Any cellphone with basic Bluetooth audio, including the iPhone, can also use the Pure-Fi as an ad hoc speakerphone thanks to a built-in microphone that cancels out unwanted noise.

As implied by its name, the new Logitech speaker set is portable and relies on rechargeable batteries that net about 12 hours of continuous stereo audio at a time. When tethered, the Pure-Fi Mobile can either take its power through a wall outlet or a USB connection. Logitech puts an aux-in jack on the speaker system to feed audio in from nearly any portable wired device. (link)

Gadget: CSI stick for the CSI wannabe

Utah-based company Paraben has come out with a nasty, sneaky little device that sucks all the data from a person’s cellphone, perfect for all the pathologically jealous, untrustworthy toads lurking out there. So, while your significant other is at the bar getting the drinks in, you can sneak into her purse, grab her cellphone and plug this thumb drive-sized device into it to see if she’s playing you. Cost is $200, and it currently only works on Samsung and Motorola phones. (link)

Dual SIM conversion mod

Check out this mod. Probably not useful for most of you but for frequent business travellers this can definitely keep you in contact with your multinational companies.

“DuoSIM is a very cool new conversion kit to upgrade standard mobile phones to dual SIM operation so you can have two SIM cards installed and switch between them at the push of a button. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while to make the best use of different data and call rate plans, but up till now the adapters have all required that you cut your SIM card up first, which is something I didn’t really want to do.” (link)

gadget: WiFi microSD card

I could really use this, Spectec SDW-823 microSD wifi card. My phone doesn’t have wifi but this would definitely be a welcome addition.

Sorry, I meant to text “fuck you”

The life of 20-year-old Emine, and her 24-year-old husband Ramazan Çalçoban was pretty much the normal life of any couple in a separation process. After deciding to split up, the two kept having bitter arguments over the cellphone, sending text messages to each other until one day Ramazan wrote “you change the topic every time you run out of arguments.” That day, the lack of a single dot over a letter—product of a faulty localization of the cellphone’s typing system—caused a chain of events that ended in a violent blood bath.

The surreal mistake happened because the ex-husband’s cellphone didn’t have an specific character from the Turkish alphabet: the letter “ı” or closed i. While “i” is available in all phones in Turkey—where this happened—the closed i apparently doesn’t exist in most of the terminals in that country. (link)

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