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IBM & University of Toronto to create supercomputer

The University of Toronto and IBM Corp are building Canada’s most powerful supercomputer, a mammoth machine that will need its own building for storage and will be capable of performing 360 trillion calculations per second.

It’s expected the system will be among the top 20 fastest supercomputers in the world and the largest outside the United States. It will be able to store data equivalent to that held by one million regular DVDs.

The entire budget of the project, which includes construction and operating costs, is just under C$50 million ($47 million) over five years.

Its power is roughly equivalent to “30,000 to 40,000 home computers linked together,” said Chris Pratt, strategic initiatives executive at IBM Canada. (link)

Laptops: Mac still mor expensive than PC

For some time, Mac fans have argued that, feature-for-feature, Apple’s computers aren’t really that much more expensive than their PC competitors. When the processors, memory, hard drive and screens are all matched up, the price premium on a Mac was negligible, they insist, and sometimes non-existent.

But eWeek’s Joe Wilcox says that, while he wasn’t looking, that has changed. Windows-based computers — and particularly notebooks — are now much more powerful than Macs, and a lot cheaper. He thinks Apple not only must lower prices, but is actually planning on it. (link)

Only TSA laptop approved bags

There’s a new option for people annoyed at having to take their laptops out of their bags at airport security. The Transportation Security Administration will now allow travelers to leave their computers inside “checkpoint friendly” cases.

The new rules, announced Tuesday and set to take effect Aug. 16, are intended to help streamline the X-ray inspection lines.

TSA said it reached out to bag manufacturers this year to design laptop cases that would provide a clear, unobstructed image of the computer as it passed through an X-ray machine. The agency said the new bags will be available for purchase this month. (link)

British hacker to be extradited

Gary McKinnon, a British hacker accused of infiltrating almost 100 U.S. military computers in the months after Sept. 11, 2001, should be extradited to stand trial in the U.S., the U.K.’s highest court ruled today.

McKinnon, 42, who has said he was searching for information on unidentified flying objects, is accused hacking into 97 NASA, Army and Navy computer systems in 2001 and 2002. The House of Lords ruled unanimously that a decision in favor of McKinnon would “imperil the integrity of the extradition process.”

McKinnon asked judges to stop his extradition arguing that his human rights would be infringed by U.S. officials who told him prosecutors in New Jersey wanted to see him “fry.” McKinnon said he was also told that if he didn’t accept a plea bargain he’d get a longer jail term entirely served in the U.S. (link)

Technology pollution to be the next pandemic

“Rapid penetration in emerging markets is being driven by the explosive expansion of broadband and wireless connectivity, the continuing fall in PC average selling prices, and the general realization that PCs are an indispensable tool for advancement,” George Shiffler, research director at Gartner, said.”

Stop making cool gadgets and I’ll stop buying them, deal?

“Gartner expects more than 180 million computers will be replaced this year, with some sold to second owners through various channels, some broken up and recycled, but many simply dumped directly into landfill.” (link)

That’s a lot of garbage. I’m almost ashamed that I have 3 pcs, 2 laptops, and 3 tvs … almost. Am I worried, sure. I’m hanging on to old cell phone just because I don’t want my phone numbers ending up in some one else’s hands. Hard drives, CDs, DVDs, If I can burn it break it, then it ain’t going into the trash.

Share USB devices with Kensington’s ShareCentral

* Easily share access to USB devices between two computers-LED lights indicate which computer has access
* Gain instant access to your USB devices by plugging one USB cable into your computer
* Simply press a button to switch individual USB devices from one computer to another
* Easy to set up and easy to use with no network required
* Both computers have direct access to the printer thanks to Automatic Printer Sharing
* Eliminates cable clutter and is wall mountable
* Plug-n-play

Canadian Government starts wiki war

A skirmish has been raging for days over the online Wikipedia biography of Industry Minister Jim Prentice, with anonymous government workers airbrushing out controversial details or buffing Prentice’s image, while others just as quickly revised the revisions.

So intense was the battle that Prentice’s biography was locked Thursday by Wikipedia administrators “due to vandalism.”

Literally hundreds of changes had been made to Prentice’s biography over the past week, with many originating from IP addresses that were traced to Industry Canada computers at the department’s Queen Street address in downtown Ottawa.

“Even though someone from within Industry Canada thought they were making these changes anonymously – and they are, in the sense of not knowing the precise individual – it was not very difficult to trace back the fact these changes were coming from within the department,” Michael Geist, a professor at the University of Ottawa, said Thursday in an interview. (link)

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