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Piracy is ok, if you work for the government

Last week, a US Court of Appeals upheld a ruling on software piracy. The organization doing the piracy, however, happened to be a branch of the US government, and the decision highlights the significant limits to the application of copyright law to the government charged with enforcing it. Most significantly, perhaps, the court found that because the DMCA is written in a way that targets individual infringers, the government cannot be liable for claims made under the statute.

The backstory on the case involved, Blueport v. United States, borders on the absurd. It started when Sergeant Mark Davenport went to work in the group within the US Air Force that ran its manpower database. Finding the existing system inefficient, Davenport requested training in computer programming so that he could improve it; the request was denied. Showing the sort of personal initiative that only gets people into trouble, Davenport then taught himself the needed skills and went to work redesigning the system. (link)

MI6: All your data belong to us

The British government is developing a proposal to centralize the data-retention practices of UK communications firms. Under current law, communications providers are required to retain certain kinds of data about their customers for a year, and to make that data available in response to government subpoenas. Under the new proposal, these records would have to be automatically submitted to a centralized government database. The government believes this will facilitate law enforcement access to the information, although a court order would still be required to access it. (ArsTechnica)

Security vendor discovers database of stolen FTP usernames and passwords

A fresh discovery by security vendor Finjan Inc. provides yet another example of how easy it is becoming for almost anyone to find the tools needed to break into, infect or steal data from corporate Web sites.

The San Jose-based vendor announced today that it has uncovered an illegal database containing more than 8,700 stolen File Transfer Protocol server credentials including usernames, passwords and server addresses. Anyone can purchase those credentials and use them to launch malicious attacks against the compromised systems.

The stolen credentials belong to companies from around the world and include more than 2,500 North American companies, some of whose Web sites are among the world’s top 100 domains, according to Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Finjan’s chief technology officer.

The FTP credentials would allow malicious hackers to break into and upload malware of their choice to compromised servers literally with a click or two, he said. “You could pick any server you wanted in the list, pay for it” and launch an attack with very little effort, Ben-Itzhak said. (ComputerWorld)

Failure as a sysadmin, failure as a hacker

LOL! This has gotta be an indication of incompetence. Don’t you know you’re supposed to install those self destruct codes as soon as you get hired?

” A 51-year-old systems administrator from New Jersey has received the longest federal prison sentence for attempting a crime designed to damage a computer system. Yung-Hsun Lin (also known as Andy Lin) was given 30 months in jail for planting code on a company server in 2003 that was supposed to destroy a medical drug database. He was also ordered by US District Judge Jose Linares to pay $81,200 in restitution to his former employer, Medco Health Solutions.” (link)

Best iPod utilities

Hate iTunes? I do. Replace it with Floola. It’s a stand alone program, runs directly from your iPod, manage playlists and mp3s. Oh, and it’s FREE. Bye bye iTunes.

Hard drive crash? And of course it contained all of your music. Lucky for you there’s a program called Senuti (iTunes spelled backward because the software works backward, ipod => pc, smart name huh?). Just another reason to store everything on you iPod. Forget about data recovery … unless of course your iPod crashes. Jinx!

iPod just crash? Hmm too bad. You should have used iPodbackup.

Tired of watching your favorite DVDs on your LCD tv? Want to take those movies with you on your iPod? HandBrake is the software which will allow you to rip those DVDs and transfer them to your iPod. Big screens are totally overrated, little 2.5″ screens is where its at.

Too poor to afford an iPod with a screen? Try out this iPod database builder for the Shuffle.  Yet another anti-iTunes file manager. Build your own directory structure and kick iTunes to the curb.

Penguins are your friends. Or maybe you’re a Linux fanboy. Install Linux on your iPod! duh!  Constantly under development so expect some bugs, but it’s free! Turn your old Apple iPod into a Linux iPod. Yay! (I feel so much better.)

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