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“Hello? This is George Dubya, I need data recovery”

I’m surprised they are finally getting around to this. Given the timing, they are just going through the motions. How many president’s have been impeached after they’ve left office? Probably take a presidential pardon along with them just in case. You got the CIA and FBI who tap phones and monitor Internet traffic but you can’t keep proper backups of internal emails? Come on! You know it’s a big cover up. Simple deletion does not render data unrecoverable. And reputable data recovery company would be able to get those emails back in a snap. I’m sure the IT staff were instructed to keep a lid on the issue as to ensure their job safety.

“The recovery project would not use backup tapes going back to March 2003, according to the draft document, even though an earlier White House assessment suggested e-mails were missing from that period as well.

Industry experts point out that relying on the backup system to ensure accurate retention, preservation and retrieval of all e-mails is problematic because it does not take into account deleted e-mails.” (link)

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