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Dell throws more money at 3PAR and wins

Update: What’s going on here? It’s a deal, it’s not a deal? HP has countered with a $2.4 billion offer. Oh snap! Techcrunch

Dell 1 HP 0
Looks like this bidding war went in favor of Dell. You win this time Dell (shakes fist). Dell was forced to up it’s original offer of $18 to $24.30 ($0.30/share more than HP’s). 3PAR gave Dell 3 days to come to the table with a better offer and they did not disappoint. Both Dell and HP are battling for the computer industry and expanding the range of their offerings.

So what’s so great about 3PAR? They are a data storage solutions provider. Big customers include,,, and some government agencies. Scale-able cloud storage flexible enough for many corporations. Clearly Dell thinks it can make a cash cow out of this data storage company (who lost $3.2 million last year). In any event it looks like Dell just added 670 people to it’s workforce.

Dell gets into Forensics

As cyber crime grows Dell has decided to offer up a new service for law enforcement. A new digital forensics service is aimed at helping authorities police the Internet. The package offering jointly with Intel and other partners provides the necessary tools to host a data center for a coordinated effort to deal with criminals more efficiently. Helping to provide an infrastructure solution should help counter increasing computer crime.

Dell Mini 9 => Mini Hackintosh

First off you really should have a SSD drive larger than 8GB. I’ve got the factory 8GB STEC and it took a bit of fiddling to work properly. Also get the 10.5.6 hackintosh torrent for optimal compatibility. You can use the 10.5.5 and update but if you can get the more current version do it. Also useful to have on hand an external USB DVD drive and a 8GB USB flash drive (or larger), and an imaging program to create a backup of your current setup, just in case you decide you don’t like OSX.

The installation should take 20 – 30 minutes. If you run into problems just do a Google search and find the fix. Wireless should work automatically, you might have an issue with the audio, but everything else should work once you use the DellEFI patch. Good luck!

Useful commands: -v -f

Useful websites: Gizmodo

Netbooks: why Apple won’t make one

Asus started the ball rolling with the Eee PC. Little did they know they had a hit on their hands. Competitors started rolling out netbooks left and right. Acer, MSI, at first then more main stream brands like Dell, Toshiba, IBM, and LG. Each with similarly priced configurations all jostling for the netbook market. It didn’t take long for the brand name companies to produce a competing device so why is one name noticeably absent? Why hasn’t Apple come out with it’s own netbook?

Apple certainly has the manpower and technology but do they want to make a netbook? The price is an issue because a stripped down Mac isn’t the kind of product Apple is interested in selling. One has to wonder as well if Apple could produce a MacBook for that price point given the demands on the OS, itunes, ilife, iphoto, “isoftware” (because you can’t have a Mac without the software). However it can be done. As well an Apple netbook would compete with it’s existing MacBook Air, which already has been a disappointment.

Perhaps Apple knows that the price point will force notebook pricing down which will hurt profits. Prior to the netbook the cheapest laptop you could buy might have been $800. The surge in netbook sales have put pressure on the pricing and now a $500 laptop is commonplace ($400 on sale). $300 netbook vs $500 notebook, which would you buy?

A Mac netbook is well within the realm of possibility for Apple but not likely. We will just have to wait and see if Apple is willing to make one.

Dell Mini 9: Canadians get no Ubuntu love

I’ve been constantly refreshing the the Canadian Dell site and this morning I was pleasantly surprised that the Mini 9 is now available. Awesome! One thing odd I noticed though, no Ubuntu option. WTF?

Just for fun I decided to call up the 1-800 number. On hold for a short while I got connected to and agent over in India (surprise, surprise) I tell him, “I’m on the Canadian website, and I noticed there’s no option for Ubuntu for the Mini 9, can I order the Mini 9 with Ubuntu instead of Windows XP?” After repeating myself and speaking slowly he informed me that I had been connected to the wrong department and forwards my call to another agent.

On hold for a bit longer I get connected to another agent. I ask the same question. He puts me on hold for a while and then comes back with this, “Currently the Mini 9 is not available with Ubuntu” and when I asked him if there were any plans to offer it with Ubuntu pre-installed he said that “this is a brand new launch, no information is available regarding that configuration”. Ok no problem, thanks.

He didn’t seem to want to let me off the line. Smelling a potential sale he gave me his agent code/number to put in when/if I decided to go ahead and purchase it online. This way he would be my “personal contact” and would be available for post purchase support. Um, yeah right. How about just telling me the truth? You get a commission, duh!

So I’m a little disappointed. U.S. customers have the option but Canadian are getting no Ubuntu love. Guess I’ll wait and see if there are any changes in the upcoming days.

Canadian site

U.S. site

Dell Mini 9 debuts, special offer for U.S. customers

“If you can wait until 6 a.m. Central tomorrow, Sept. 5, you’ll be able to get a Mini for only $99 with the purchase of a Studio 15, XPS M1530 or XPS M1330 laptop through 6 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9 (U.S. only).” (link)

Buy one to get a smaller for a cheaper price. Hmm. This is just the excuse I was looking for to blow some cash. Let’s see, the cheapest Dell Studio goes for what, $649 for a 15″ display and then $99 for a Mini with a 9″ screen. Spend $600 to save $250? Is that a paradox? Who cares! Dell’s got a hit on it’s hands. Beats the Asus Eee PC, MSI Wind, and Acer Aspire hands down. Finally the wait is over, hit the site and order yours.

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Dell dresses up Vostro lineup

Dell Vostro laptops are designed for small business and made for life. Packed with customized features and a choice of software, the Vostro line delivers easy-to-use technology, flexible connectivity options and exceptional support – all in a thin, durable design.

* Catches your eye. Captures your imagination – The Vostro 2510 is thin and light for easy mobility and features an attractive cherry-red exterior.
* High-performance graphics – Power through graphics intensive applications with help from a 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M GS graphics card.
* CoolSlice – Work more comfortably with CoolSlice , a patented technology that deflects heat from the bottom of your system.
* Built-in Webcam – Videoconference with colleagues and clients or catch up with loved ones with a standard built-in 1.3MP Webcam. (link)

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