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Let the auctions continue

A judge ruled in favor of eBay during a lawsuit launched by Tiffany’s. The jewelry maker charged that eBay knowingly advertised fakes as genuine Tiffany products harming their image. The judge ruled that Tiffany’s did not adequately prove their case. eBay did admit it knew some of the auctions listed were not genuine products but at the same time they simply provide the buyers and sellers a place make transactions and does not confirm authenticity. Other Internet companies are breathing a sigh of relief as this is viewed as a precedent providing some immunity from being sued for trademark infringement.

I find it hard to believe that many people have been fooled when buying some jewelry off of eBay at a fraction of the price AND assuming that it is indeed a genuine brand name product. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is a fake. Also, if the seller is located in Asia, it is DEFINITELY a fake. Anyways, let the auctions continue! Let stolen products and fakes alike be sold to unsuspecting buyers on eBay!

More servers, more problems

Most big companies with cash to spare, spend it to solve typical technological problems. Slow system performance? Upgrade, buy more servers, new hardware, or more bandwidth. Not often do you see companies invest in analyzing existing hardware performance and tweaking their systems. Take for example eBay. eBay handles an enormous amount of data through many, many auctions running 24/7. Sure, with the amount of money eBay is rolling in, it would be easy to buy a few more servers to accommodate people trying to hawk their stolen goods. Rather than doing that eBay took an innovative approach by analyzing the analytic data, finding bottlenecks and improving server efficiency. How’s that for a big company.

Now if only they would share some of those secrets with say … Google? Maybe searches could get even faster (if that’s possible) but also minimize future technology pollution going forward. You gotta think that 5 years from now Google and eBay and other technology companies create a lot of technology waste. Going green would help all of us.

Uh oh, maybe there’s something this economy thing

Banks are going under left and right but the technology sector is immune … right? Money automatically flows towards technology companies in good times and bad … right? What’s this? eBay is cutting 1,000 jobs? Uh oh. And they’re going to take a $70 – 80 million charge for restructuring?! This could be trouble. When one of the big boys has to cut jobs things must be on a downswing. The auction game has been in bit of a flux lately. If you noticed eBay cut seller fees a few months ago and I’ve noticed the seller promotions have increased. For eBay things were already on a downswing.

Now if Google has to cut jobs … we’re all in trouble.

Computer sold on eBay for $65 contained private data

In the company’s defence, the employee was probably “former” and “disgruntled”. Who sells corporate hardware without authorization?! You’d think after previous debacles of data loss and personal information issues banks would pay more attention to this kind of security leak. I’m just happy I don’t bank with them.

“American Express and NatWest/RBS said they were investigating, but would need to establish how many clients were involved before deciding on a course of action. Graphic Data said it was trying to recover the computer. (link)

Jilted lover airs dirty laundry, Wikipedia founder plays defense

Virtually anyone can edit an entry on Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia. But its founder is finding it’s not so easy to cover his tracks after a messy breakup with a TV personality and a dustup over his expenses began playing out on the web.

It’s not the first time that Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s de facto leader, has found his behaviour questioned – especially since no subject appears too arcane for dissection by Wikipedia’s passionate community of users. The latest episodes, however, reverberated beyond the usual diehards.

First, a former lover – political pundit Rachel Marsden – published steamy and embarrassing online chats with Wales, and dumped his clothes on EBay.

Marsden is already well-known in Canada but more for her personal life than her politics. (link)

Confidential disc left inside laptop given to computer store

A British computer store has found what it says is a confidential government computer disc hidden inside a laptop brought in for repair.Jonathan Parry of Leapfrog Computers in Bolton says a customer purchased the computer on eBay. When a technician opened it up, he found a compact disc marked “Home Office” and “Private and Confidential” wedged underneath the keyboard.

It was not immediately clear whether the disc was genuine. Britain’s Home Office is the government body responsible for maintaining law and order and fighting terrorism.

Parry says when staff realized the disc was encrypted, they called the police. (link)

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