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Bill aims to cut down the spam

Perhaps some relief is in sight for your email inbox. Canadian Industry Minister Tony Clement has proposed two bills aimed at protecting web surfers from identity theft and spam. Unfortunately spam has just become a part of everyday life and for the most part attempts to reduce or eliminate it have been futile. It’s estimated that spam costs Canadians over $3 billion in network security and lost productivity costs. It’s certainly a step in the right direction. Now if we could only get other countries on board we could free up some bandwidth and make the Internet fast again.

Work Email and Privacy

Ever wonder if that naughty joke you sent around the office made it’s way to your boss? Sure, sure, it was just a harmless joke right? But perhaps the boss has been reading your email for awhile now. Huh? WTF? Yeah, it’s a work email address, you are using a company computer, and the boss has every right to check in on it from time to time. But that may soon change.

A recent court ruling suggests there are limits to the company’s right to access personal email accounts used on company computers. While initially the court ruled that accessing a personal email account on a work computer gives the employer rights to access the contents but here’s where the wrench gets thrown in. During the forensic data recovery process some of those emails involved communication with her lawyer. Ruh roh. Client attorney priviledge? Hello? Hmm, judges, what do you think? Also another problem crept up, was she accessing her Yahoo account on work time or after hours?

The floodgates would have been opened if some limits were not placed on the employer’s right to potential evidence vs the employee’s rights to privacy. While it doesn’t absolve you from badmouthing your company it does provide some cover, just make sure you have a good story as to why that evidence should be excluded when your old company decides to sue you.

The lines between work and personal time are often blurred and it’s not hard to believe that your boss can read the messages you send on your Blackberry. Even if they are personal messages to your wife, or girlfriend. Regretting any of those message yet?

Protect those Passwords

Everyday my inbox is full of spam. Thieves always want to get their hands on my passwords. To the untrained eye some of them look legit. Seemingly trustworthy domains with alarming subject lines “account compromised” log in now to secure you account. The scammer hopes you ignore common sense and click on the link embedded into the body of the email that clearly links to some foreign website that will ultimately compromise your account.

Don’t be dumb. Never click on links in your email. Oh but it’s a survey from your bank? WELL then it must be legit. Or maybe it’s Blizzard emailing you about your warcraft account. Someone has changed your password it claims? Well you’d better log into that Russian website and fix it right away!

If you ever are concerned about an issue. Close you email. Update your anti-virus and run a full scan. Go to the actual website yourself, ensure that the little lock is on the bottom right, and that the URL is accurate, before you start typing in anything. Then you should be able to ensure your account is secure. Don’t be fooled. Protect those passwords.

Will Spam be the end of the Internet?

Everyday it’s the same thing. An email box full up of messages, 90% of which is spam. Remember back in the day when you used get excited when you got snail mail? With email … not so much. Would it surprise you that 97% of all email is spam? In fact I have several email accounts for this exact reason, to avoid spam. However it forces me to keep a schedule. Logging in each account to check for spam and delete it. Forget a few days and it inconveniences me to delete everything. Go on vacation and you might as well close that email account because legitimate emails have already been bouncing because your email was full within a day. Despite a few notable arrests and charges, spammers are not deterred. Sadly it’s just a part of daily life when you’re living with the Internet. However, it’s unbelievable that it only takes a handful of bad apples to ruin something so incredibly useful. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe so I can spam you.

“Hello? This is George Dubya, I need data recovery”

I’m surprised they are finally getting around to this. Given the timing, they are just going through the motions. How many president’s have been impeached after they’ve left office? Probably take a presidential pardon along with them just in case. You got the CIA and FBI who tap phones and monitor Internet traffic but you can’t keep proper backups of internal emails? Come on! You know it’s a big cover up. Simple deletion does not render data unrecoverable. And reputable data recovery company would be able to get those emails back in a snap. I’m sure the IT staff were instructed to keep a lid on the issue as to ensure their job safety.

“The recovery project would not use backup tapes going back to March 2003, according to the draft document, even though an earlier White House assessment suggested e-mails were missing from that period as well.

Industry experts point out that relying on the backup system to ensure accurate retention, preservation and retrieval of all e-mails is problematic because it does not take into account deleted e-mails.” (link)

UK government wants to keep track of all data exchanges

The Government will store “a billion incidents of data exchange a day” as details of every text, email and browsing session in the UK are recorded under new proposals published yesterday.

The information will be made available to police forces in order to crack down on serious crime, but will also be accessible by local councils, health authorities and even Ofsted and the Post Office.

One example of crime prevention using the data given in the consultation document is that of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency, which targets sexual abuse of children.

“The vast majority of CEOP’s work is by resolution of IP addresses, e-mail addresses and increasingly mobile phone numbers. (link)

Steve Jobs ‘MobileMe sucks’

In an internal e-mail sent to Apple employees this evening, Steve Jobs admitted that MobileMe was launched too early and “not up to Apple’s standards.” The e-mail, seen by Ars Technica, acknowledges MobileMe’s flaws and what could have been done to better handle the launch. In addition to needing more time and testing, Jobs believes that Apple should have rolled MobileMe’s services out slowly instead of launching it “as a monolithic service.” For example, over-the-air iPhone syncing could have gone up initially, then web apps one by one (Mail, Calendar, etc.).

Jobs goes on. “It was a mistake to launch MobileMe at the same time as iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store,” he says. “We all had more than enough to do, and MobileMe could have been delayed without consequence.” We agree with that one. (link)

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