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Temporary Passwords

When I think of all of the net cafes I have visited, public computers, and unsecured wifi connections something like this is a great idea. Facebook is implementing a temporary password feature for when you just have to get your friend updates using a public computer. Thwarting keylogging software and protecting your tweets, Facebook is on to something. You need to have a cell phone and mobile number attached to your account and a temporary password will be texted to your phone. The password is good for 20 minutes and useless for anyone spying on your keyboard presses. The new feature should be rolled over the coming weeks, now hopefully people will actually use it.

Facebook news

Facebook Places launches in Canada. Now social networking savvy Canadians can share their location based details automatically with the application. However not all users have immediate access. Apple users can go right ahead and start sharing while Blackberry and Android users will have to wait for further development. If you phone does not have GPS capabilities you might as well skip it. The privacy commissioner is waiting to see how everything plays out before ruling on legality issues.

The Social Network movie is gaining buzz. Early reviews having this at the top of many people’s “must see” and will give viewers a look behind the scenes. I’m sure it’s going to involve Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake getting all sorts of tail in a seedy portrayal of what happens when you Internet startups suddenly get rich. Scandal, betrayal, good looking groupies, and geeks rolling in cash. Hmm, maybe I will have to see this movie.

Legal issues are still not over for Facebook. The twins who previously settled a lawsuit in 2004 are now returning to the courts to get more money. $65 million apparently isn’t enough when Facebook if valued in the billions of dollars. What? Jocks can’t come up with good ideas? Any guesses on how much Zuckerberg will settle out of court for?

So how’s your farm doing? Still rebuilding from the outage a few days ago? Databases can be pesky things when the code goes rogue. To be honest it was quite funny to see all the rage outpouring on Twitter. The withdrawal symptoms might be a thing of the future given the social networking site’s ever growing popularity. I wonder if there’s any money in starting up a rehab center?

Facebook wiki

Chicken or Egg?

Is Facebook creating a generation of narcissistic self promoters? Or is it simply enabling them by providing them a platform on which to broadcast? Which came first? A York University study concluded that the majority of Facebook users are narcissistic. In addition had, low self esteem, and used the social network to promote themselves. Perhaps to make themselves feel better. Males tended to describe themselves in their “about me” section while women used their photo album to attract onlookers (ITS A TRAP!). So guys, don’t believe the pictures, probably been -shopped. It’s a wide brush to paint 16 million Canadian users by but if you spend anytime on the network you would have to generally agree. Hey, at least we’re not on MySpace amiright?!

So what’s your friend count at?

Anything you post on Facebook will be used against you in a court of law

Two weeks after Joshua Lipton was charged in a drunken driving crash that seriously injured a woman, the 20-year-old college junior attended a Halloween party dressed as a prisoner. Pictures from the party showed him in a black-and-white striped shirt and an orange jumpsuit labeled “Jail Bird.”

In the age of the Internet, it might not be hard to guess what happened to those pictures: Someone posted them on the social networking site Facebook. And that offered remarkable evidence for Jay Sullivan, the prosecutor handling Lipton’s drunken-driving case. (link)

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